We’re making it easier than ever for businesses to get the most out of their power with three new plans. Designed with customers in minds, these plans will simplify buying wholesale power even more.

The three power plans are:
  • Power Up Plan
  • Power Active Plan
  • Power Ahead Plan


Each Power Plan is designed with different businesses in mind. Flow Power know you need smart technology to create efficiencies and find savings, that’s why each plan will now include kWatch®.

Designed and built by our team in Melbourne, kWatch brings together hardware installed on your site and the latest in energy management software. It brings your real time data into our portal and app to give you information about your site, as well as alerts and system integration.

More on the Power Plans
Power Up

The Power Up Plan connects you to the wholesale market. This means the changing spot price of power while giving you price certainty  through a ceiling in line with the market.

It is the change to your power that you’ve been waiting for.

With a Ceiling re-set every quarter and flexible with your business’ needs, Power Up gives you the certainty of a fixed rate, while still accessing the lows of the market. It gives you the transparency of knowing what you are paying with the certainty of never paying over the Ceiling.

Power Active

The Power Active Plan gives you all the benefits of the Power Up Plan and more.

For businesses that know power costs are a big contributor to their bottom line, this Plan gives you the chance to do something about it. Our team of experts will develop a hedging strategy that fits the way you power your business. That means price certainty with the flexibility to act when the wholesale market drops.

Power Ahead

This plan is designed to put you ahead of the market through a power purchasing agreement (PPA). Whether you install solar yourselves or let the experts run the wind or solar plant, lock in long-term, low cost power. Get ahead of the power market and get the price certainty you need for the future of your bottom line.

Whether you’re a vegetable grower in VIC or run a quarry in SA – we can help your business get its power costs under control today.

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