If your business is buying power on spot, there’s no reason you can’t get involved in demand response programs.

Contrary to popular belief, you can take advantage of both of these initiatives at once – and beat the heat, staying on top of your spend. The market regularly outperforms fixed contracts, so doing both means your business will save big.

With the funding and support of the NSW government and ARENA, Flow Power is building capacity to manage peak demand on the grid, as well as rolling out the kWatch Intelligent Controller for smarter energy management.

The installation of the Controller will make demand response and management simple, as well as allowing you to automatically avoid spot market peaks. You’ll also get paid to provide available capacity and activate in last-resort situations – so not only is it convenient, it’s an active revenue generator, too.

The perfect match in practice

Think about a manufacturer. They’ve been benefiting from buying on the spot market for years. They’ve looked at their operations and identified some equipment that they can quickly power down when the spot market spikes. Over the years, that’s saved them thousands – up to 30% on their power costs.

But with the rise of demand response programs like the ARENA one, they can build a new revenue stream for their business. The chances of AEMO calling an activation at the same time as a market price event are relatively high.

The business is comfortable with responding to market signals. The people on the ground understand the importance to the business’ profitability.

So when Flow Power spoke to them about the ARENA program, its was a no brainer decision. To make sure they could respond quickly, they installed the kWatch Intelligent Controller. Not only did it give them a live data feed, alerts and automated responses but it meant their responses to spot market activity was quicker – saving them even more on their energy costs.

But remember

  • Businesses can only take advantage of one demand response program at a time. There are quite a few. From Ausnet Services’ Critical Peak through to AEMO RERT Panel, it’s important that you find one that suits your operations.
  • Those who get in first will benefit the most. The ARENA funding starts this year and will continue until 2020. That means businesses who sign up in 2017 will receive three years of payments.
  • Technology makes this simple.

You can have your cake and eat it too – contact us today to find out how to get involved in our demand response program.