In a webinar on June 24, our experts discussed our Building Intelligent Demand Response program. In collaboration with the South Australian government, the program encourages businesses to trial automated demand response and think differently about how and when they use energy. 

Demand response empowers businesses to unlocks value in many ways. From avoiding high price peaks through emergency demand response programs like RERT to supporting the grid when it needs it the most and keeping the lights on for everyone. 

So, how can South Australian businesses trial demand response? Read on to understand what the Building Intelligent Demand Response program entails and how South Australian businesses can get involved. 

Building Intelligent Demand Response

We worked with the SA government to provide subsidised funding for local businesses. Through the program, South Australian businesses can implement automated demand response processes to respond to high price events. 

Program participants will access funding for control systems, on-site monitoring and identifying, scoping and installing equipment for flexible operations. 

Our in-house engineering team will help participants access savings by implementing demand response. Participants will have access to round-the-clock energy market notifications to enhance decision making.

As part of the program, all controls, hardware and support are subsidised. Each participant will also have a kWatch® Intelligent Controller installed on site.

Is it right for my business?

The program is best suited for businesses that pump, refrigerate and regulate temperatures through HVAC as part of their daily operations. If you’ve got a backup generator, this program may fit into your business’ demand response strategy too. 

As part of Building Intelligent Demand Response, you’ll have access to subsidised solutions for hardware, tools and full control with authorisation required at every step.

We’ll work with SA businesses, so you’re rewarded for doing demand response this summer.

Keeping the wine just right

A South Australian based wine business wanted greater control over its energy costs. So, they decided to reach out to Flow Power and participate in RERT. Their cold storage facility was perfectly placed to do demand response, as it had no impact on its business as usual operations. 

On January 24 there was a market event called. As the wine temperature sits at between 10-15„ƒ, the business was able to turn refrigerators down for five hours without impacting the temperature or sacrificing the wine. 

This resulted in significant savings. The business received a RERT payment of approximately $5,700 and avoided costs of approximately $16,905. 

The cold storage facilities maintained temperatures within the required range the wine was to be stored at.

Signing onto the Building Intelligent Demand Response program next summer could increase annual savings by up to 5%. Automating on-site solar would generate even greater savings between 13-17% annually. 

Our experts answered your questions about the Building Intelligent Demand Response program. Check them out below. 


What is the history of time of year for high priced events?

High price events are driven by supply and demand, and demand for energy is typically at its highest during summer. At these times, more people are using air conditioning and industrial energy use is still going on in the late afternoon. When the  e sun goes down is when the solar generation is generally lost. 

Late summer afternoons are typically when demand peaks but we do see events other times of the year. These can include unexpected events like an interconnector having issues or being disconnected for a period of times, or when large generators trip. 

This is why we are highlighting the importance of automating demand response. We can predict with relative accuracy when these events may occur and notify our customers. For unexpected events, with procedures in place you may still be able to avoid the majority of that event too.

Do you have to be a Flow Power customer to participate in the program?

You do not have to be a Flow Power customer to participate in the Building Intelligent Demand Response program. 

 If you are a customer and you have access to the wholesale energy market,  this increases the value of the program. You’re not only able to take advantage of programs like RERT, but also technology and processes to help you implement demand response.

What if I don’t perform on the day when I need to shut down?

As a part of the program, there is no obligation on you to perform on days that RERT or market price events are called. The program has been designed to encourage energy users to participate in the program and maximise demand response across South Australia.

Ultimately, we work with you to facilitate training and develop demand response plans, so that you are able to perform if, and when, called upon.

On the day, if there’s an instance where you can’t perform because you do not want to compromise the quality of your product there are no penalties and no obligations. If we help you tackle this challenge, we will. 

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