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Allstone Quarries

Quarries switch to wholesale power

"We moved to Flow Power six years ago and we haven’t looked back since. Accessing electricity from the wholesale market is giving us clear cost-savings and really suits our business". David Gallagher - Allstone Quarries (VIC)

Energy rates have risen by up to 300% over recent years. Short of a shut down, most quarries believe little can be
done about the impact on their bottom line.

Because all that quarrying needs a lot of power!

Quarries have the power to take control of the rising costs by buying wholesale.

Quarries need a powerful solution that:

  • Gets their power costs under control
  • Gives them visibility of costs
  • Connects them to the real power price.

For years quarries have taken fixed rate power contracts at face value. Now those who buy wholesale power have seen how simple changes have big impacts.
The wholesale market is dynamic and creates opportunities to access low cost power. Some quarries choose to run several crushers at once while others stockpile a little extra ahead of time.

Even with no changes in operation, quarries have seen savings of up to 30%.

With wholesale retailer Flow Power, quarries can now be connected to the signals of the power market. They’ve got power costs under control with the right tools.