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Mar 9th 2022
Updated Mar 11th 2022
Introducing the new Price Efficiency Indicator
An extremely handy tool, the Price Efficiency Indicator has been built to help businesses monitor, manage, and maximise their energy bill’s value and shape their price efficiency adjustment.
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Apr 23rd 2020
Updated May 23rd 2022
Manufacturing a smarter future
ANCA is powering innovation through the manufacturing industry with smart manufacturing solutions for customers.
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Apr 16th 2020
Updated Mar 24th 2022
Measuring, reporting on, and reducing emissions
Chances are, if your business wants to - or is already taking steps towards - reducing its carbon footprint, you’ll be looking at your emissions and how to reduce them.
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Aug 7th 2019
Updated May 2nd 2022
Smart is making money from your generator
We're the energy people to help your business can unlock the value of demand response.
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Jul 17th 2018
Updated Apr 6th 2022
The real power numbers
Electricity in Australia is traded on a market. The price is set by balancing supply and demand. Just like any other market, it can be hard to predict – despite many people trying to do so.
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May 30th 2018
Updated Apr 7th 2022
Australia’s manufacturers could utilise PPAs
You may have caught us at National Manufacturing Week 2018, where we discussed how Australia’s manufacturers could utilise corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to drive down energy costs over a long term period.
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