YOU SAID: We want better forecasting of trends

On 18 March, we began refining our Weekly Market Report and Market Wrap to include two new data sources.
This will improve the accuracy of the report, meaning you can plan your week in a way that makes the most of the market. We also updated how we report the Market Wrap in Wholesale Edge.

YOU SAID: We want a live feed of our energy use that’s easy to read and analyse

As part of our Freedom solution, we are rolling out our kWatch Controller, which integrates with the Flow Power Portal.

The kWatch Controller offers you a live feed of data by meter, inside the Flow Power Portal. It’s already installed on multiple customer sites, so there is no risk of changeover. It also works perfectly with technologies found in generators, storage and solar.

YOU SAID: We want even lower prices with more certainty

We are setting up Solar agreements to offer you a new way to lock in low price solar energy — whether you have space or not.

With more than 50% of you looking at solar this year, we believe solar power is a great match for wholesale because when the sun isn’t shining the market is normally low. This means if you don’t use all the purchased energy, you can sell it to the market or use it across your other sites.

YOU SAID: We want to improve our knowledge of the market and to get involved

With our rebrand to Flow Power, we are bringing you a new awareness of the power market through our expertise.

For you, this means more information about the power market, more education tools, and more industry understanding. We are also launching a referral program, so you can better introduce your neighbours to wholesale power.


1. Refining the Weekly Market Report and Market Wrap to improve forecasting and reporting

2. Rolling out kWatch Controllers with live data to help you master the market

3. Setting up solar agreements to secure and reduce your energy costs

4. Driving awareness of wholesale power through our rebrand to Flow Power