You want more information about buying wholesale electricity.

  • Continue to send quarterly newsletter ‘The Wholesale Edge’
  • Promptly share webinar material in short easy clips, making it easier to watch and understand.
  • You want to see more customer case studies on our website.
  • We love data and you’ve asked for 12-month comparisons, give us a call.

You want to learn how to optimise the Flow Power portal

  • Portal training and communication will be rolled out by Account Managers.
  • Further customer portal developments ensuring the information you need is at your fingertips. App Version for android and apple are now being developed.
  • Learning materials to be added to the portal to help you understand the wholesale market.

You said large energy users are not catered for by the system.

  • We will be even more active representing you in policy discussions and submissions
  • We will ensure the needs of large energy users are covered in the media at every opportunity.

You said you want your power to work harder

  •  We are rolling out the kWatch® Intelligent Controllers, smart technology that provides live data feed, alerts and the flexibility for you to automate operations, manage load.
  • All customers will have access to the kWatch® Intelligent Controllers

Actions for you:

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