You want to know more about price trends and billing, we will:

  • Craft more timely and concise market information available to you
  • Make your data easier to access by optimising the Flow Power portal
  • Help you train your teams to perform demand response

You want to keep reducing your energy costs, so we will

  • Make Virtual Generation Agreements (VGAs) available to even more businesses
  • Start customised Price Efficiency reporting
  • Roll out the kWatch® Intelligent Controller to more of you, so you will see power use in real time.

You said you are looking for opportunities, so we will

  • Establish Australia’s first Corporate Virtual Power Plant, giving you the chance to join
  • Credit you for being a leader in energy transition and help you promote your success to your customers
  • Provide you with improved engineering resources and services


This year is another big year for Flow Power and we’re excited that you are on the journey with us.

Actions for you:

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