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Flow Power helps you master the wholesale electricity market.

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Flow Power not only gives you direct access to the
wholesale electricity market. Flow Power gives you
added benefits other retailers can’t provide.

You have experts on your side.

Manage your risk and say goodbye to bill shock.

Innovative tech designed so you have control.

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Flow Power Solutions

Explore the possibilities of our two Flow Power plans.


Your business values certainty.  You also want the bonus of accessing the wholesale market lows.

Here’s how Mastery works:

  • You get direct access to the wholesale market price – without the risk of being charged above a set ‘ceiling’ for that quarter. In other words, you can access the low while smoothing out the high.
  • If your site is larger than 5GWh, we can up the ante on Mastery further. We’ll look at your usage profile and empower you with extra tools to help you get even more out of the wholesale market.

Mastery helps you keep it low and go with the flow.

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Your business is energy savvy. And you have the flexibility to reduce load or transfer to an onsite generator when prices rise.

Here’s how Freedom works:

  • Like Mastery, you get direct access to the wholesale market price. But with Freedom, you will be in complete control of your energy costs. We keep a close eye on wholesale market activity on your behalf and share our expert predictions with you. The highs. And the lows.
  • Through SMS and email alerts backed by 24/7 online and telephone support, Freedom will keep you one step ahead of the market.

Where there is freedom there is power. Let it flow.

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How Flow Power works

Flow Power opens up wholesale electricity rates for Australian business

Opening the market

Since 1998 the National Electricity Market (NEM) has connected the ACT, NSW, SA, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania to a live trading market for electricity.

Just like the stock market, wholesale electricity prices rise and fall in line with demand. This is to reduce the overall cost of electricity to consumers, and create an efficient power system. For example, if NSW demands extra electricity, the other states can send it over.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) manages the ins and outs of the NEM.

Every five minutes, generators like solar plants and coal fired generators place a bid in the market. That bid represents how much power they can supply for the next five minutes – and how much they’re willing to sell it for. The highest price is ‘the market price’ for those five minutes.

Based on state demand, the AEMO selects the lowest priced energy until demand is met. The power is then transported from power stations to homes and businesses via transmission and distribution networks. However, a small portion of electricity supplied is generated by homes and businesses using embedded sources, such as rooftop solar and diesel generators.

Delivering electricity to your business

Traditionally, electricity retailers purchase power on your behalf from the NEM. They buy at the going rate, which is averaged out every half hour.

They then pass any additional costs on to you as well as retail profit margins. These costs can include network charges, environmental levies, energy losses, metering fees and hedging.

Accordingly, every time a factory is powered up or a pump starts, the flow of energy in the NEM changes. This alters the balance of supply and demand – and impacts the wholesale market price of electricity.

How does demand
impact the market?

Over the course of a day, the wholesale price will rise (peak) and fall (low) in line with demand. Even if demand skyrockets, the system is built to handle the highest of peaks – ensuring reliability.

We see demand spiking from factors such as heatwaves, the introduction of renewables and the closure of coal-fired power stations. For the most part however, the market remains stable as peaks regularly occur when the workday begins and later when people get home.

Wholesale electricity versus Fixed-rate electricity

Regardless of this kind of daily stability or of any changes in the market, electricity prices do not change for customers in fixed-rate contracts. So when the demand is low, the prices stay high.

Fixed-rate electricity retailers offer businesses a fixed-rate for the life of a contract. This usually takes into account:

  • The forward pricing of the wholesale market
  • The length of your contract (usually three years)
  • When your business uses power (e.g. peak or off-peak)

The exact details of fixed-rates vary between states. But they all take into account the average flows of the electricity market. All in all, fixed-rate customers do pay more than they should.

A better way to buy

Flow Power offers you an alternative to fixed-rates by giving you access to wholesale electricity prices. It’s simple and 100% transparent in pricing.

With access to wholesale electricity, you have control over how your business uses power. You choose one of our two solutions – Mastery or Freedom – and we customise the solution to your needs.

We let you know the mark-up we put on the actual cost of electricity and just pass through any additional charges. You can get access to your electricity usage data through our kWatch Intelligent Controller portal, as well as a range of new technologies to improve operational efficiency.

Businesses can eliminate the strain they put on themselves. We achieve your power strategy and plan for the long-term, so you can save in more ways than expected.

With our help, you will master the market.

The future is now

Australian businesses need to get ahead of the pack. Powering up with Flow Power solutions and smarter technologies makes mastering electricity easy.

We are working with businesses to keep them ahead of the pack, integrating new technologies and systems:

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