Electricity in Australia is bought and sold on the wholesale market or the National Electricity Market. The market price changes based on supply and demand in each state – but stay low most of the time. Sometimes electricity is also bought through hedging contracts or direct agreements with generators. This just how your retailer is currently buying your power.

Flow Power wants to give you access to that market.

Here’s the rates you were missing out on last quarter (April to June 2017).

  Peak (c/kWh)Off peak (c/kWh)
Wholesale 11.79.7
Wholesale 13.010.8
Wholesale 9.99.0
Wholesale 9.48.3

The fixed rates are sourced from the ASX Energy Futures, which is normally representative of fixed rate contracts. The wholesale prices come from AEMOs market rates. But remember, these power prices don’t include the retailer’s mark up.

To understand a bit more about how buying wholesale compares to fixed rate contracts we’ve compared the apples with the oranges.

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