I’m Jamie, General Manager of Sales at Flow Power. I recently joined Flow Power to continue to accelerate the company’s growth and deliver on our vision of empowering Australian businesses to manage energy for the future.

Before Flow Power, I spent 17 years in executive roles at large multinational engineering companies.  For the last couple of years, I have been involved in some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia and running a mid-sized business across Asia Pacific.

When I first met the Flow Power team, one thing was clear – they have an immense passion for this industry and refreshing views about how Australian businesses should be managing their energy. That passion is all about reshaping the energy market.

To me, transforming the market means being more customer-centric, and giving customers the tools, expertise and information they need to manage their energy. It’s about benefitting everyone involved.


As an outsider looking in

For years, businesses have seen energy as a procurement decision. I certainly did, when I was in charge of energy contracts in past roles. It was just an overhead cost. We’d always take the best of three prices.

Once the deal was done, we forgot about it until the time came to renegotiate.

Now, I’m on the other side pushing businesses to think differently, just as we do on a daily basis. At Flow Power, we take customers on a different journey.

Whether it’s access to long term deals with renewable plants, leveraging the latest technology, or providing the education and insights needed to drive savings – it’s a partnership.

The numbers speak for themselves. Of the 60 total PPAs publicly announced in Australia, 18 of those are with Flow Power. We’ve saved these businesses millions of dollars and supported investment in the new energy era.

Once businesses start to think about energy strategically, we bring in the data, technology and expertise that helps them become sophisticated energy users.

Passing through market signals, enhanced with tailored advice allows businesses to build a business case for taking action.

It’s having a big impact too. Over the past two summers, our customers reduced demand on the grid by 50% during peak times. That’s because they were empowered with the knowledge and tools they needed to reshape their energy management.

What’s on the horizon?

I’ve seen three things in the last three months from working in the energy industry.

  • We have a new normal. An energy market with higher prices and a demand for innovation
  • Sustainability is top of mind and renewable energy stacks up
  • Market signals can unlock value for customers but have been disconnected


While each sector faces similar challenges, we are uniquely positioned to do something about them.

The team at Flow Power are putting customers at the centre of the market, empowering them to manage their energy. We are bringing forward the new energy future, unlocking value for everyone.

After a career of nearly 20 years working with commercial and industrial customers, I’m looking forward to powering a different change – a new future for the Australian energy market.

That’s why I moved to Flow Power.

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