Three years ago, ANCA became one of the very first businesses to sign onto Flow Power’s Virtual Generation Agreement (VGA).

Since then, the manufacturer has continued with the innovation that its peers and customers have come to know ANCA for. Now with renewables, they are using a progressive way to not only purchase, but to also manage energy.

Founded in 1974, ANCA specialises in the design and manufacture of Machine Tools, Motion Control Systems and Metal Fabrication. ANCA CNC Machines is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

Manufacturing a smarter future

ANCA’s VGA is powering innovation through the manufacturing industry with smart manufacturing solutions for customers.

Put simply, smart factory solutions connect manufacturing machinery to cloud technology, and streamlines and integrates production processes, for lights out manufacturing capabilities. It creates opportunities for automating processes and delivers insights to improve overall performance.

That means, ANCA helps their customers to improve their bottom line, streamline processes and continuously improve how and when they use machinery. The data received in smart manufacturing is highly advanced and can show, for example, if a machine is slowing down production and how systems can work to resolve this.

ANCA enables their customers to reap the benefits of lights out manufacturing with affordable and easy to use robots to help them compete in high-cost labour markets.

How is ANCA unlocking value?

  • Reducing production costs
    ANCA collaborated with Swiss toolmaker Fraisa, to develop a customised solution for their manufacturing to run 50 hours unattended – reducing production costs by up to 50%.
  •  Streamlining processes
    ANCA’s REDAX technology streamlines processes by monitoring machines. This means, manufacturers can plan operations remotely. This has resulted in networked grinding machines sending and receiving data, allowing customers to design, test, and produce tools, no matter where their facilities are. Notifications by SMS or email are sent out if the machines are down, so action can be taken to resolve the issue.
  • Reducing materials
    ANCA’s simulation and 3D technology, revolutionised their industry and means fewer physical materials are produced. This reduces tool waste, as tools are manufactured correctly the first time.
  • Reducing energy use
    Automation and smart technology not only aid with efficient manufacturing, but can significantly reduce energy use, consumption and overall operational costs.
    Within a VGA, ANCA can achieve a lower Price Efficiency Factor (PEF) by managing how and when they use energy to lower energy costs.

A smarter way to buy energy

Smart factory solutions powered by renewables gives ANCA more transparency and control over energy costs. In an industry like manufacturing, where energy costs can have a real impact on a business’s bottom line, this can be the difference between maintaining a competitive advantage or not.

Choosing an innovative energy strategy, powered by renewables, is allowing ANCA to continue to grow, keep its operations local and deliver the best smart manufacturing solutions to its own customers.

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