Australia’s fastest growing business energy retailer, Flow Power welcomes the release of the first public National Energy Guarantee (NEG) consultation paper and the clarity it will bring to the energy industry.


“The power market is changing. Australia needs a stable policy framework that will meet the ever-changing needs of customers.” states Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director, Flow Power.

“The release of the paper is a step toward ending the uncertainty that has affected the energy industry for the past decade.”

“We hope that it encourages a customer focussed outlook from the ESB and continues to include a provision for demand response, as we believe that better connecting customers to the signals of the power market is the way forward for a cleaner, smarter energy future.”

Flow Power reiterates that the National Electricity Market (NEM) already provides signals to customers but a greater push behind demand response is needed to better connect Australians to these signals.

“For nearly ten years, Flow Power has been reconnecting its customers to the signals of the market through its wholesale power model. This benefits businesses as they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and also provides the NEM with a more flexible way to manage peak demand, benefitting all Australians.”

Flow Power looks forward to participating in the continued discussion on the NEG. Prior to making a submission to the ESB, Flow Power will conduct a customer survey to better capture the current needs of Australian businesses.  Other key priorities for Flow Power include:

  • Ensure low cost renewable power can be integrated into the market without the need for expensive firming
  • Minimise concentration of market power amongst a few larger businesses in order to encourage innovation among participants
  • Encourage the growth of wholesale demand response as it is a low cost solution to peak demand