In mid-May 2019, Flow Power got involved in National Manufacturing Week.

If you were there, you would have seen our team on the ground, chatting to manufacturers about how Flow Power help them save.

If you missed the event or simply didn’t have the time to say hello, below is a quick recap.

The power market is changing. Go with it

To start the conversation about reshaping business power, we ran a competition. You might remember the buzz wire game from when you were younger. We thought this was a great way to should how the wholesale energy market can deliver big rewards for businesses.

The aim of the game is to guide the wand through the wire maze without touching it.

If you were able to take your business across the line to the wholesale market without touching the metal maze in record time you could have won an Amazon Echo or Google Home mini.

It was no easy feat, but two entrants made it through to the wholesale market in record time:

  • 12.4 seconds by Trent Firth
  • 20.12 seconds by Nigel Lewis

The best of both worlds

On Tuesday 14 May our Senior Business Development Manager Lachlan Jacobson was invited to share our findings on how Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and demand management can reduce energy costs.

Manufacturers have been hit hard with rising energy costs and are looking for alternatives to traditional fixed rate contracts.

PPAs give businesses the opportunity to lock in long-term agreements directly with renewable generators. Simply put, they deliver long-term certainty for businesses, as well as lower power costs.

But PPAs are just one piece of the puzzle. No matter what machines you run, combining PPAs and demand management lets manufacturers drive down energy costs and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Watch our webinar recording to learn how your business can unlock energy savings.