On 16 April, we launched On the Spot, a weekly energy update with Flow Power.

Nathaniel and Aidan introduced us to what will cover off in future sessions, as well as gave us an in-depth overview of what’s happening in the market at the moment.

  • 0:00 – 4:27 – Introduction to On the Spot
  • 4:30 – Some of the speakers we’ll be bringing on board
  • 6:54 – The topics we’ll be talking about 10:55 – What’s happening in the market right now in terms of spot prices
  • 21:43 – What’s happening in the market right now in terms of contract prices
  • 23:02 – What can customers take away from this
  • 25:03 – What’s happening in the environmental/renewable space right now
  • 30:35 – Questions and conclusions

Watch the recording here:

There were lots of questions around COVID and the fall in prices, both in the spot market and in the contract market.

It’s clear that the trend in the spot market has been to the downside for quite a while now.

At the end of March,  major restrictions on pubs, clubs and retail outlets saw reports coming out that demand across the month of March was down 7% over March ‘20 versus March ’19.  By April it’s likely we’ll start to see the bigger impacts of these sustained lock-down measures on businesses and other areas of the economy over the medium term.

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