In this week’s On the Spot, Nathaniel was joined by Alex our Demand Response Lead and Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy at Energy Efficiency Council to take a closer look at the wholesale demand response mechanism.

  • 0:006:34 – Introductions
  • 6:35 – General policy landscape
  • 12:20 – The impact of policy changes on energy users
  • 14:43 – The impact of the wholesale demand response mechanism on energy users
  • 21:16 – Some of the risks and implications of the rule change
  • 24:37 – Savings from demand response
  • 31:35 – Questions and answers
  • 48:43 – Conclusions

Watch the recording here:

How will this mechanism impact energy users?
While the energy market has the tools it needs to help users perform demand response successfully, the wholesale demand response mechanism may encourage more users to perform and see the benefit of demand response.