In On the Spot on 4 June, Alex and Aidan took a closer look at the energy market in May.

  • 0:002:40 – Introductions
  • 2:40 – What we’ll be covering in the energy matrix
  • 3:11 – Asking out audience if we’ve seen the bottom of wholesale prices this year
  • 5:24 – Looking at the demand in the energy market for May
  • 12:50 – And the supply-side too
  • 16:24 – Energy prices are still low on the Spot market
  • 21:39 – While prices on the contract market are beginning to recover
  • 29:22 – Questions and answers
  • 39:55 – Conclusions 

Watch the recording here:

Is now a good time to renew your business energy contract?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen low energy prices, but they’re starting to rise again. The good news is prices are still very low, so it’s still a good time to contract and lock in a lower energy rate for the long term.

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