On 21 May, On the Spot saw some fresh faces. Emmett, Stephen and Sarah looked at renewable and green claims and how your business can differentiate between them and understand where renewable certificates come from.

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 4:25 – What we’re looking at today
  • 8:01 – Asking the audience where they’re at on their sustainability journey
  • 10:29 – Renewable energy certificates in Australia
  • 14:11 – Where do renewable energy certificates come from?
  • 17:20 – Common accreditations and standards
  • 22:05 – Renewable and green claims you may have seen in the market
  • 27:13 – Questions and Answers
  • 34:32 – Conclusions

Watch the recording here:

What do green and renewable claims mean for your business?

You may have seen a variety of different renewable claims in the market, but it’s important you communicate your business’ sustainability journey correctly.

Whether you are committed to source energy from renewables, powered by renewables or reducing your carbon footprint, it’s a significant step to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon future.

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