On 30 April, Nathaniel and Aidan were joined by Byron Serjeantson, our Regional Manager – NSW & QLD for the third installment of On the Spot. They discussed renewable projects and how they are being impacted from both an industry and customer perspective.

  • 0:00 – Introduction to On the Spot: Renewable projects
  • 2:10 – What well be covering in this On the Spot update
  • 2:45 – Asking the audience about the best timing for renewable projects
  • 5:00 – Who are Flow Power and what’s our involvement in renewable projects?
  • 8:50 – The stages of project development and how they are affected by COVID-19
  • 22:26 – Looking at it from a macro perspective
  • 29:00 – What do these changes mean for the customer?
  • 34:00 – Questions and answers
  • 40:25 – Conclusions

Watch the recording here:

What does the future of renewables look like in Australia?

Although solar and wind projects are impacted by COVID-19, large-scale solar and wind still remain the cheapest form of energy generation in Australia. AEMO’s Quarterly Energy Dynamics report also states emission-intensive forms of generation are at historically low levels. That means, it’s still important that energy users invest in renewable projects to help move Australia towards a low carbon future.

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