As lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the National Energy Market, our experts discussed how energy users can use this to their advantage and think differently about their energy strategy.

  • 0:003:54 – Introductions
  • 3:55 – Where does this discussion fit in the energy matrix?
  • 6:22 – What are we seeing with our customers right now?
  • 8:21 – Looking back at price variability in the contract market
  • 12:34 – How has the conversation changed for customers?
  • 21:52 – Opportunities available to energy users
  • 28:18 – Questions and answers
  • 35:30 – Conclusions

Watch the recording here:

Why should businesses change their approach to energy?

Contract prices vary from highs to lows. And that presents a good opportunity for your business to take advantage of the lows. Through the Active Option, customers can contract in advance and unlock additional savings if the market drops again.

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