Power Active Lock in a deal.
Unlock potential.

Power Active gives businesses the confidence of fixed-rates with the flexibility of wholesale.

Introducing Power Active

Your business is most likely stuck paying fixed-rates for energy

These rates are set by retailers and are inflexible, regardless of how your business uses energy now, or in the future.

These contracts also ignore what energy market rates might be like down the line.

The energy market is moving… …and not always up

With our Active Option you have the flexibility to unlock a lower rate if the market drops.

But… if the market remains the same or goes up, don’t worry. Your rates have already been locked in.

Understand your Price Efficiency Factor

Your PEF is a measure of how efficiently you use power relative to the wholesale market, similar to how other retailers adjust the wholesale price to account for your usage patterns.

Your PEF is used as a factor when calculating your bill.

More opportunities to reduce your prices

Our bills clearly show how we calculate your energy prices.

Remember, Power Active also gives you two tools, the Active Option and PEF that together give you more control over the prices you pay. This means, more opportunities to drive down energy costs, year after year.

Reshaping power for
Australian businesses

Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve set out to find new
and better ways to bring you energy that brings costs
down, and puts the power back in your hands.