Flow Power is required to pass on a range of AEMO, market and renewable energy charges each month to our customers as part of their power bill. We wrote about it recently in this article. 

Small changes have been made to the charges that we need to pass on Here’s an update on how the changes might impact what you pay.


AEMO Emergency Reserve Trader charges

(SA & Vic only)

To make sure the lights stayed on this summer, AEMO worked with retailers and energy users to set up the RERT. Many Flow Power customers were involved in the program that paid users to reduce their demand on the grid during peak times.

AEMO called on users in SA and Victoria on January 19 to power down in line with a market event. Flow Power customers reduced their load on the grid by 50% – helping to manage their costs and support the system. Those customers who participated will also receive a payment from AEMO, which will show as a new invoice credit line item on the bill.

All customers will see a new line item that is your portion of the RERT cost on your invoice this month.

We are working with AEMO to understand the best way to manage these costs for you.

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