In fact, a significant increase in renewable generation and demand response programs are providing a vital solution for businesses wanting to take control of their power.

Due to the transitioning market, prices are set to rise but the real energy story will be how businesses take control of their energy consumption through their energy procurement strategies says Matthew van der Linden MD of Flow Power.

To help businesses better manage future uncertainty, Flow Power offers a wholesale energy model that allows businesses as much access to spot pricing as possible. This can yield significant savings, which can be even greater when paired with demand response and corporate renewable PPAs.

Don’t let uncertainty drive you nuts

A nut grower case study

Darren, a finance manager for a Victorian nut grower, is one Flow Power customer that is maximising the benefits of his energy procurement strategy for his business. Darren turned to Flow Power for a solution to his business’s energy needs while reviewing a fixed-rate contract offer that came up short. The contract, which offered 11.4c/kWh as a blended rate, was a fairly standard price but the business could do better.

Since signing with Flow Power, the business saved 16% on its energy costs from January to March 2018, simply by accessing the wholesale power market.

There was no need to change its operations – the business just needed a different way of procuring its energy. And instead of stopping there, the business signed a Corporate PPA with Flow Power, that delivered a significantly more competitive rate, and participated in demand response to maximise savings.

Combined, these energy strategies delivered close to $1million in savings and $160,000 in savings from demand response.

Things to take away

The energy market is changing but the right energy strategy can ensure your businesses does not need to worry, locking in price certainty for a long period of time.

Traditional one size fits all fixed-rate contracts no longer meet many businesses power needs but buying power from the wholesale market can secure lower prices and greater flexibility.


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