The Active Option, an add-on to Power Active, lets you lock in a lower energy rate if prices in the energy market fall. We do this to take the challenge out of knowing when to sign a new energy deal to get the best price.

That's how our customers saved between 5-14%1 on their base energy rates to date.


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Power Active can help you save up to 10-15% on your energy bill.

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Make powerful moves to a more flexible energy solution and take control.

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Lock in a rate, unlock potential

Power Active gives businesses the price visibility they need but with more flexibility than a standard retail deal. We give you two tools that no other energy retailer will: the Active Option and a Price Efficiency Adjustment. Together, they give you more control over what you pay for power.

Take control

Our Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA) is a more dynamic way to offer peak and off-peak prices. Plus, it's actually connected to what's happening in the energy market. So, you can make the most of low prices in the middle of the day and avoid peak periods.

We do this to give you more ways to save on energy by making small, simple changes to how you use it.

Businesses that signed onto Power Active last year have already saved between 5-29%1 on their base energy rates2...

And could save more. Here's how...





Let's look at the numbers

Businesses that signed onto Flow Power's Power Active plan last year and added the Active Option have already saved between 5-29% on their base energy rates.

This rate does not include Flow Power's margin or each business's Price Efficiency Adjustment.

If energy contract rates fall further, these savings figures may be adjusted to reflect further savings.

Savings apply to businesses across the National Energy Market and are for calendar and financial year contract periods between April 2020 and December 2022.

State-by-state savings:

How did the savings stack up across each state? Take a look at the numbers:

+ Businesses in VIC saved between 

+ Businesses in SA saved between 

+ Businesses in NSW saved between 

+ Businesses in QLD saved between 

All Flow Power customers have a dedicated account manager to give advice whenever you need it, not just when there's a bill to pay.

Our energy solutions aren't 'set and forget'. Expect to hear from us about simple changes you can make to increase savings and turn your energy into a competitive advantage.

Real Account Management

Strategic solutions

As part of your plan, you get access to our proprietary kWatch Intelligent Controller and Portal to enhance energy decision making.

The right tech

Interested in powering your business with renewables? We've got a solution for that. We can help you find the right renewable energy solution for your business.

Renewables minus the hassle

Savings apply to businesses that signed onto Power Active with the added Active Option in 2019.
Base energy rates do not include Flow Power’s margin, Price Efficiency Adjustment or network tariffs. Base energy rates are for calendar year and financial year contract periods between 04/20 and 12/22 across the National Energy Market, savings may vary state by state.

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