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Harnessing your potential

Our team of trailblazers use technology and insights to stay ahead of the curve. It’s how we’re driving the energy market forward.

If you’ve a got bright idea, we’ll do everything to make it happen. And if were told it can’t be done? That just inspires us.

At Flow Power, we support, challenge, and inspire our staff to turn their lightbulb moments into solutions – all the way from initial concept, through to development, refinement, and implementation.

The perks of working at Flow Power

An exciting career in the fast lane

Shape projects across departments and accelerate your growth as we expand into new markets. 

Working with the best in the industry

Gain active mentoring and insights from the brightest minds in Australia and the world.

Driving results, from anywhere

You can connect at our open offices and meet the demands of modern life through our flexible working culture.

Our HR philosophy

When we created Flow Power’s vision of positively changing the energy market, we needed to create a HR framework that would organically bring out the best in people, through a culture of personal responsibility.

Did we want to be like our competitors for talent and say the same things or differentiate ourselves?  The temptation in business is to copy the EVP of other companies, in a slightly different form.”

We chose to develop a HR framework that is unique, like our vision for energy.

“It all starts with our people and the passion they bring to work every day”

We share a common goal; we want to make a difference, and everybody gets that opportunity at Flow Power no matter what your role is.

It allows managers and staff to work within a broad HR framework, yet encourages employees to be at the centre of decisions.  HR is never far away when support is needed – ensuring we always treat people fairly and give them the freedom to create, and share ideas, be different and truly influence outcomes.

“We take ownership of responsibilities in a culture of trust to bring out ideas”

Our leadership is non-hierarchical – the authority to make decisions is spread across our organisation. This decentralisation gives our employees a higher level of responsibility and accountability for their work, as well as bigger stakes in outcomes.

Managers are as one with their team with very few barriers – especially if you’ve got a great idea. This was the culture we wanted; free interaction and no visual cues for who is or isn’t a manager.

While there is vastly differing roles and skills at Flow Power, we are all treated equally.

– David O’Connor, General Manager Human Resources


Workplace benefits

Workplace Flexibility

Our flexible working culture allows for work life balance as it best fits you, your family and Flow Power’s needs.

Our working from home policy, the availability of purchasing additional leave and special announcements of “Flow Power Days” (all- team days off) all create a highly flexible working environment, allowing you to meet the demands of modern life while achieving great things at work.

We reward performance

Our remuneration policy rationale is to reward our employees consistently, fairly and equitably.

We recognise individual performance, external market and internal relativity to drive a high-performance culture that is aligned to the achievement of our vision. We have a system of short-term incentives centred on motivating employees towards high achievement and sharing in the rewards across the company.

Collaborative Working Spaces

Our offices are fresh spaces conducive to connecting and collaborating.
We host regular social events to relax, catch up with each other and connect on a social level across all departments. This includes end of month celebrations, off-site activities, table tennis tournaments and weekly lunches!

Paid Parental Leave

Supporting growing families and maintaining links to the workplace while on parental leave is a high priority at Flow Power.
We recognise the challenges that come with growing your family which is why we are committed to assisting families through our parental leave policy.

Learning & Development

A culture of continuous learning is fostered by Flow Power’s further education assistance policy.


A comprehensive and confidential Employee Assistance Program is available to employees and their family. In addition to your standard counselling services, advice is available in a range of areas such as career, conflict, family, finance and nutrition.

Long Term Recognition

To recognise the contribution made for long standing employees – upon reaching 5 years’ service, employees begin accruing 5 weeks annual leave.

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