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Our Renewable Energy Sources

We’re building & supporting the clean energy generation projects to make Australia’s renewable future a reality.

Powering Australia’s renewable energy transition

With a mix of wind, solar and storage, Flow Power’s renewable energy project portfolio spans across, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.  

These renewable energy projects are proudly powering Australia’s sustainable future, providing clean energy to the National Energy Market and supporting surrounding communities through employment, education, community funding, financial opportunities and much more. 

Creating Australia’s renewable future

By delivering green energy to the grid and flexible solutions for businesses to reshape their energy. 

Supporting local communities

Through local employment, education, community benefits and much more. 

Generating positive environmental outcomes

From native tree planting to ethical supply chain sourcing. 


Clean energy generated per annum.

41% Wind        59% Solar

Project status:
In development/ construction
Project type:
Solar farm
Wind farm
Solar & battery
Proudly providing renewable energy to Australia’s grid.

Flow Power are proud to be providers of renewable energy to the grid and the link between businesses achieving sustainability goals and energy bill reductions.

Whether it’s through specialist engineering services, or innovative energy contracts with our offtake partnership agreements, together with our customers we’re creating the renewable energy future. 

Get to know our owned & affiliated renewable energy projects:

Ararat Wind Farm

This Victorian wind farm comprises of 75 turbines, making it Australia’s third largest wind farm.

Location: Ararat VIC

Capacity: 240MW 

Berri Energy Project

Powering an energy efficient future with Flow Power’s first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solar farm. 

Location: Berri SA

Capacity: 5.8MWdc

Bomen Solar Farm

Deeply embedded within its community, this solar farm supports its local school, the local fire brigade, people with disability and native biodiversity.  

Location: Wagga Wagga NSW

Capacity: 120MWdc

Coonalpyn Solar Farm

Flow Power developed, owned, and operated; this South Australian solar farm powers the City of Adelaide with clean energy. 

Location: Coonalpyn SA

Capacity: 5.4MWdc

Clements Gap Wind Farm

Providing clean energy and supporting local sustainable projects.  

Location: Clements Gap SA

Capacity: 56MW

Karadoc Solar Farm

Located in the northern tip of Victoria, this solar farm sees more sunshine than most of the state.  

Location: VIC

Capacity: 112MWdc

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Kiamal Solar Farm

Victoria’s largest solar farm, with the ability to power more than 133,500 homes.  

Location: Ouyen VIC

Capacity: 256MWdc

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Sapphire Wind Farm

250 jobs, community funding and clean energy, this NSW wind farm is making a big impact.  

Location: Woodstock, NSW

Capacity: 270MW

Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm

Supported by people power and community investment, this 8,000 panel solar farm  offers special rewards to the local community. 

Location: Shoalhaven NSW

Capacity: 4MWdc

Streaky Bay Solar Farm

The westernmost solar farm in the National Electricity Market; our Streaky Bay project powers our mission towards a renewable future

Location: Streaky Bay SA

Capacity: 3.4MWdc

Yatpool Solar Farm

This 350,000 solar PV panel site is capable of powering 40,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.  

Location: VIC

Capacity: 106MW

Connect to renewable energy benefits

A Flow Power energy contract means your business can support Australia’s renewable energy transition and unlock more benefits and flexibility.  

Your business can help support more renewable energy projects to power our clean energy future.  

To find out more contact the Flow Power team today.