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Our renewable energy projects

We’re building and supporting clean energy generation projects to make Australia’s renewable future a reality

Powering Australia’s renewable energy transition

With a mix of wind, solar and storage, Flow Power’s renewable energy project portfolio spans across, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

These renewable energy projects are helping accelerate Australia’s transition to a sustainable future; providing clean energy to the National Energy Market and supporting surrounding communities through employment, education, community funding, financial opportunities and much more.


We’re making an impact with energy

Creating Australia’s renewable future

By delivering green energy to the grid and flexible solutions for businesses to reshape their energy. 

Supporting local communities

Through local employment, education, community benefits and much more. 

Generating positive environmental outcomes

From native tree planting to ethical supply chain sourcing. 

934.2 GWh

Clean energy generated per annum.

54% Wind        46% Solar

Project status:
In development/ construction
Project type:
Solar farm
Wind farm
Solar & battery
Proudly generating renewable energy for Australia

Flow Power is proud to provide renewable energy to the grid, helping businesses achieve sustainability goals and cut electricity costs.

We’re helping create the renewable energy future, with our specialist engineering services, our innovative energy contracts – and with our customers.

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Ararat Wind Farm

This Victorian wind farm comprises of 75 turbines, making it one of Victoria’s largest wind farms.

This project has delivered significant environmental, social and economic benefits to the regional towns of Northwest Victoria. It was constructed in 2015, using more than $20 million of goods and services procured from local suppliers.

Location: Ararat VIC

Capacity: 240 MW 

Bennetts Creek Battery

With a footprint of approximately 2.3 hectares and a planned output of 100 MW / 200 MWh, the Bennetts Creek Battery is Flow Power’s largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project.

Location: Hazelwood North VIC

Capacity: 100 MW / 200 MWh

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Berri Energy Project

The Berri Energy Project has given a disused racetrack in South Australia a new lease on life. This cutting edge solar and battery system is the first of its kind in Australia. 

This is one of the first utility scale DC coupled PV and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects in the world, using a Flow Power designed SCADA system.  

Location: Berri SA

Capacity: 5.8 MWdc

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Bomen Solar Farm

Deeply embedded within its community, Bomen Solar Farm is giving back to the town and supporting native biodiversity. 

On site, the farm is supporting biodiversity with 5,000 trees planted, reducing the environmental and visual impact of the project.  

Location: Wagga Wagga NSW

Capacity: 120 MWdc

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Clements Gap Wind Farm

With 27 turbines in operation, Clements Gap Wind Farm provides clean energy and supports local sustainable projects. 

The fund delivers a portion of revenue from the wind farm back into the local community, as part of Pacific Blue’s Community Investment Program, which has provided more than $4.3 million to over 890 projects throughout Australia since 2005.  

Location: Clements Gap SA

Capacity: 56 MW

Clermont Solar Farm

Generating close to 180,000 MWh of renewable energy per annum, this 93 MW solar farm is supporting our nation’s renewable energy transition.

Location: Clermont QLD

Capacity: 93 MWdc

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Coonalpyn Solar Farm

Flow Power developed, owned, and operated; this South Australian solar farm supports the City of Adelaide with its clean energy targets.  

Located in the Coorong region, this project has generated local employment and economic growth in the Coorong District Council area.  

Location: Coonalpyn SA

Capacity: 5.4 MWdc

Cootamundra Solar Farm

Location: Cootamundra NSW

Capacity: 5.8 MW

Goyder South Wind Farm

The first stage of a project known as Goyder Renewables Zone, a hybrid wind, solar and storage project. located near Burra in South Australia.

Location: near Burra SA

Capacity: 412 MW

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Hepburn Energy Park

The community-owned wind farm hosts two turbines called Gale and Gusto, who produce enough clean energy for over 2000 homes.

Location: Daylesford VIC

Capacity: 4.1 MW

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Karadoc Solar Farm

Located in the northern tip of Victoria, Karadoc Solar Farm produces enough energy to power the equivalent of 65,000 homes. 

The project sparked a job boom in the region with over 300 local employees involved in the construction of the farm. 

Location: VIC

Capacity: 112 MWdc

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Kiamal Solar Farm

With a total of 718,000 solar panels, Kiamal is one of Victoria’s largest solar farms. The project generates 560GWh, with the ability to power the equivalent of 133,500 homes. 

The farm’s construction created over 300 jobs and helps strengthen Victoria’s energy grid, thanks to the installation of one of Australia’s largest synchronous condensers.  

Location: Ouyen VIC

Capacity: 256 MWdc

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Mannum 1 Solar Farm

Giving South Australian businesses greater access to long-term and cost-effective renewable linked energy solutions.

Location: Mannum SA

Capacity: 30 MW 

Newstead Energy Project

Featuring a unique and Victorian-first Direct Current (DC) coupled system consisting of a 3MW solar farm and a 5MWh battery energy storage system.

Location: Newstead VIC

Capacity: 3MWdc and 5MWh

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Riverina Oils Energy Project

Coming soon

Sapphire Wind Farm

As one of the largest wind farms in NSW, Sapphire Wind Farm is making a big impact within the local community.  

In addition to creating more than 250 jobs, the Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund is investing approximately $3.75 million into community projects over 20 years. 

Location: Woodstock, NSW

Capacity: 270 MW

Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm

Supported by people power and community investment, this 8,000-panel solar farm provides clean energy to the grid and helps support City of Sydney’s clean energy targets. 

This is Australia’s first GreenPower Connect certified project. Independently certifying the PPA between City of Sydney and Flow Power directly led to the construction of a new renewable generator.  

Location: Shoalhaven NSW

Capacity: 4 MWdc

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Streaky Bay Solar Farm

The westernmost electricity generator in the National Electricity Market; Streaky Bay is boosting generation in the western Eyre Peninsula and generating local employment and economic growth in the local area. 

Location: Streaky Bay SA

Capacity: 3.4MWdc

Yatpool Solar Farm

With 350,000 solar PV panels on site, Yatpool Solar Farm has the capacity to power the equivalent of 40,000 homes with clean, renewable energy. 

The project created employment for 270 people during the peak of construction and entered into commercial operation in 2021. 

Location: VIC

Capacity: 106MW

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