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Energy Ready

Expert energy engineering, advice and consultancy from Flow Power’s in-house team

Unlock energy opportunities

Energy Ready is a small monthly investment that could lead to significant savings, helping you realise additional value from your energy.

Our team of experienced engineers are ready to provide your business with specialist energy and sustainability advice, from energy and carbon strategies, to efficiency initiatives and solar PV.

If there are cost savings or efficiencies your business can make, we’ll identify them – so you can use energy smarter.

What is Energy Ready?

Energy Ready is an energy, cost and carbon management advisory service – and it’s your key to harnessing the energy market to its full potential.  

Need support in setting and meeting your energy objectives? Call on the expertise of our engineers.

With our specialist team in your corner, you can turn energy into an asset for your business.

Our team of experienced engineers can:

  • Review your current performance 
  • Identify energy, cost, and carbon risks and opportunities 
  • Help develop business cases, access funding, and form project partnerships 
  • Help you implement, monitor and validate projects 

How does Energy Ready work?

Energy Ready gives you regular access to industry-leading energy advisers – without the hefty consulting fees you would pay elsewhere. Instead, the Energy Ready model combines a low monthly fee with a fair shared savings arrangement.  

This means when we identify a straightforward cost-cutting initiative for your business, we’ll act on it, and share a percentage of those savings with you for the next 12 months. From there, the savings are all yours, for years to come. 

Find out how Energy Ready could help your business

The Energy Ready process

1. Introductions

The first step is getting to know your business.

We’ll talk to you and explore the way your business operates – and how you use your energy.  

Once we have a greater understanding of your circumstances, we’ll find the best solution to optimise your usage.

2. Analysis

Next, we’ll investigate your energy use and expenditure to see how we can reduce your electricity bills.

Our key areas of focus include network tariffs, peak demand, power factor, solar PV, time of use and demand response.

3. Workshop & implementation

Once we’ve analysed your energy data, we’ll run a workshop with your key staff to deliver our findings and discuss other energy, cost and carbon opportunities.

At this time, you can ask our engineering team to assess a project of interest – or several – more closely. We can then execute it through a shared savings arrangement or an agreed fee. 

4. Ongoing support

We’ll continue to monitor your data via our kWatch controller, performing monthly reviews and alerting you to new opportunities as they arise.

We’ll also give you access to a dedicated Energy Ready portal that will help you track some of the most important factors that affect your energy bill. 

What opportunities will we discuss?

Our team will work with you to explore, assess, and implement a wide range of energy and carbon initiatives, asking questions such as:

  • Are you on the best network tariffs available to you? 
  • Can you use energy at less expensive times?  
  • Can you use energy at less carbon intensive times?  
  • Are you encountering power factor problems that are driving up your bills? 
  • Can you manage peak demand to reduce network costs? 
  • Can you benefit from solar energy? 
  • Could demand response strategies save or even earn you money? 
  • Could you benefit from a carbon management strategy? 

The Energy Ready portal

The Energy Ready portal provides you with more than just simple data insights. It interprets your energy usage data to help you make informed energy decisions, giving you access to:

  • Monthly total usage   
  • Monthly average charges and savings  
  • Monthly average hourly energy consumption 
  • Information on power factor and peak demand 
  • Total savings through the program   

Supplementing the advice from our Engineering team, the Energy Ready portal provides you with a range of data analyses designed to help you monitor key factors that affect your electricity bill. The portal is updated every month using the latest data. 

flow power's energy ready portal

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