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To get ahead in business, energy costs are one thing you simply can’t ignore. But as a manager with competing demands and priorities, you don’t have the time to explore the many energy savings opportunities available to you. That’s where Energy Ready comes in.

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What is Energy Ready?

Energy Ready is a low-cost monthly advisory service that’s designed to help your business cut its energy costs.

From the moment you come on board, you’ll have a team of energy experts in your corner – on a meticulous and relentless mission to find savings opportunities, big and small.

With Flow Power, your business will have the full spectrum of industry expertise on tap:

  • Energy market analysts
  • Electrical engineers
  • Sustainability consultants
  • Energy strategists

If there’s an opportunity to save, we will find it

These are just some of the questions we ask – and answer – from the moment we start working with you:

Can you optimise your network tariffs?
Are you encountering power factor problems?
Have you fallen victim to billing errors?
Can you benefit from solar energy opportunities?
Are there any irregularities in your data that indicate a problem?
Are there any irregularities in your data that indicate a problem?
Can you align your energy use with more efficient wholesale prices?
Could demand response strategies save or even earn you money?

The Powerful Technology
Behind it all

Introducing the kWatch® Intelligent Controller – the key to your success on the live energy market. Once installed on your site, this small but powerful piece of technology will collect real time data on your energy use. By keeping a constant eye on this data, our experts will be able to identify if something is amiss – and if any untapped savings opportunities arise. And the best part? It’s FREE to all Flow Power retail electricity customers.

Could any of these cost-saving initiatives cut your bottom line?

As an Energy Ready customer, you can expect us to present you with savings opportunities of all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the big opportunities you may want our engineers to assess more closely for you – and potentially implement on a fee-for-service basis.

  • Solar power installations and extensions 
  • Battery storage installations
  • Solar ramp-down for export control 
  • Load shifting and peak smoothing
  • Backup generator installations and upgrades 
  • High voltage tariffs
  • Transformer installations and upgrades
  • Revenue meter consolidations
  • Power factor correction installations
  • Control system upgardes
  • Submeter installations

Customer Story: Quick win for Northern Agricultural Co

An Energy Ready customer since 2020, Northern Agricultural Co is an agricultural irrigation company in Southern NSW.

As soon as we began working with them, we saw that they could save immediately – by moving to a new network tariff. So that’s what we helped them do.

The result? A $15K annual saving, which equated to 12% of their total energy costs.

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