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Sustainable energy solutions for local government

Helping regional and metro Australian councils go green, with secure access to renewable energy solutions

Taking a stand for sustainability

Local government bodies are taking a stand for sustainability, by rethinking their approach to energy.  

Councils are cutting carbon emissions, investing in community initiatives and laying the foundations for a greener future. It starts with reshaping the way they use power. 

Our unique energy solutions are helping councils Australia-wide make strides towards the renewable transition.  

It’s time to make the switch, together. 

Forward-thinking solutions for carbon conscious councils

Commit to climate action and achieve sustainability targets, with our innovative energy plans, tools and technology.  

Demand Response

Demand response works by adjusting your energy consumption in response to periods of high or low demand on the National Electricity Market.  

Typically, during low price periods, the grid is supplied with an abundance of renewable energy. 

By shifting your usage to low price periods, the energy you use is more carbon efficient, cost effective and supports the stability of our shared grid.

Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreements offer long-term value and security for your energy supply. 

Our PPAs establish a virtual link between councils and renewable energy generators, allowing you to leverage wind, solar or both to suit your energy consumption.  

By committing to purchase power linked to a renewable project, you lock in an energy solution that can achieve sustainability goals and manage price risk, while creating demand for Australia’s renewable future.  

Ready to make the switch?

You’re in good company. We proudly power Australian councils leading the way towards a decarbonised future.  

Better together – NSW united councils secure PPA until 2030

Using their economy of scale to engage Flow Power, the Shoalhaven, Kiama and Shellharbour Councils joined forces, to sign a Power Purchase Agreement.  

The PPA will serve their combined electricity needs until 2030, ensuring value, energy security and a commitment to sustainability for their constituents.  

The deal anchors the development of at least two renewable energy projects on unused council land, offering employment opportunities and supporting the local industry. 

Read the PPA media release here.

The City of Sydney commits to a renewable future with Flow Power

The City of Sydney unveiled the biggest standalone renewables deal for an Australian council, with a Power Purchase Agreement secured through Flow Power.  

Power used by all City-owned properties will be offset with renewable energy generated by Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm. This includes pools, libraries, council buildings and the historic Sydney Town Hall. 

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the PPA would generate jobs, support the state’s drought-stricken regional areas, and further cut harmful emissions.   

Learn more about the City’s commitment to climate action here.

Supporting the grid with demand response in the City of Adelaide

In an Australian first, our engineering team has pioneered ‘market aware’ EV chargers.  

With smart technology designed to respond to the spot price, the chargers optimise output at the most carbon-efficient and cost-effective times.  

This results in significantly lowered overall emissions and costs, while making access to EV charging more affordable and sustainable for the City of Adelaide. 

Read more about this industry-first trial.

City of Adelaide | Flow Power

Tweed Shire Council’s pledge to cut carbon emissions

Tweed Shire Council set out to achieve ambitious sustainability targets in 2020, with a goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2030.  

But with an estimated annual load of 20,000 MWh, this presented a real challenge – until they partnered with Flow Power. 

Tweed Shire Council secured a Power Purchase Agreement, installed on-site solar and began to implement demand response to control the local water assets, setting them on track for a more sustainable future. 

Learn more about Tweed Shire Council’s carbon-cutting journey here.

How does demand response benefit local councils?

Support your local community

As demand for renewables continues to rise, the number of related jobs continues to increase – especially with the growing uptake of PPAs.  

This brings a host of new opportunities for regional communities and helps foster connections between our major cities and smaller towns.  

Achieve climate targets by using more renewable energy

By shifting usage to periods of low demand, as renewable energy floods the grid, the energy you consume is less carbon intensive.

You can reduce your overall carbon emissions, simply by changing how and when you use power. 

Stabilise our shared electricity grid

By reducing demand at peak times, we can significantly reduce the risk of blackouts across the grid.  

This is particularly important to prioritise, as extreme weather conditions become increasingly prevalent.

These have potential to drive energy events due to the need for energy intensive heating or cooling.  

Time to go green for your local government?

Find out how your council could cut carbon emissions, with a sustainable solution from Flow Power.

Our team are ready to support you on your transition to a renewable future. 

Speak to a Flow Power energy specialist today to discuss the best solution for you.