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Nov 16th 2023
Updated Nov 17th 2023
Matthews Hospitality supports renewables for long-term price certainty
Learn more about Matthews Hospitality and its long-term energy strategy…
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Oct 17th 2023
Updated Nov 10th 2023
Top Cut Foods: taking an active approach to electricity costs
Top Cut Foods benefits from wholesale electricity pricing with Flow…
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Aug 4th 2023
Updated Aug 23rd 2023
Yarra Ranges Council: creating climate-resilient communities by going renewable 
Learn more about Yarra Ranges Council’s commitment to climate action…
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Aug 3rd 2023
Updated Aug 23rd 2023
Reducing reliance on the grid for Downies Collectibles 
Learn more about the Flow Power Solar solution helping Downies…
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Aug 1st 2023
Updated Aug 23rd 2023
Rochford Wines: bottling solar-powered Chardonnay
Learn more about the solar PV system at Rochford Wines…
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Jul 26th 2023
Updated Jul 27th 2023
Gazzola Farms: turning salad into savings 
Learn how Flow Power’s unique business electricity plans led to…
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