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Energy is one of the highest operating costs for cold storage

That’s why Flow Power is helping cold storage facilities get more from their energy contract. 

With average prices on the rise across the National Electricity Market, it’s increasingly important to have an energy strategy in place, helping your business avoid high price periods. 

Cold storage facilities are a natural fit for demand management and energy efficiency measures, thanks to their consistent energy usage and refrigeration systems. This plays a significant role in helping drive down the cost of bills.  

How can cold storage facilities unlock energy savings?

Pre-cool or switch to backup generation when prices are high

Pre-cooling or powering down energy intensive operations like cooling when prices are high is the easiest way to cut costs for cold storage.  

With an energy strategy in place, facilities can pre-cool, switch to a backup generator or power down for several hours, without compromising the quality of stored products. This helps support grid stability while also reducing your business’s bills. 

Automate this process with our Signalling Service

Switch to a smarter contract

Power Active is an energy contract the uses real wholesale market signals to reflect a truer peak and off-peak rate.  

This plan is powered by Flow Power’s industry first Price Efficiency Adjustment, which rewards you for using more of your total energy consumption at lower priced times.  

If your business can power down when the prices are high? You could see savings reflected on your energy bill.  

Discover how Power Active could work for your business 

Generate renewable energy on-site

Maintaining stable temperatures, especially when it comes to frozen food, requires a lot of energy.  If you can’t power down during high price periods on the grid, generating your own solar energy on-site can be a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your business. 

Our in-house team of engineers can design and install a system on-site, reducing reliance on the grid, or costly back-up diesel generators. 

Learn more about our solar capabilities

Optimise energy efficiency

There are several easy options to optimise efficiency for cold storage, from reducing the need for cooling by maintaining proper sealing and shading, to ensuring regular maintenance of equipment. 

Additionally, smart technology can be used to monitor and manage energy usage, identifying where efficiency improvements can be made. 

Learn more about our smart technology

Tools & technology helping power up your plan

kWatch controller

When installed on your site, this our smart technology gives you real time usage data and fast, remote support to help you manage your power. 

 Receive live data feeds and alerts via our Customer Portal, with the option to add automations in response to market signals.  

Learn more about kWatch 

Market Monitoring Service

We have dedicated electricity specialists monitoring the energy market – so you don’t have to.

If a high-price energy event is forecast, or occurs, we’ll keep you updated via SMS and emails, so you can adjust your usage. 

Learn more about our Market Monitoring Service

Engineering & advisory

Leverage our in-house full-service team for your business, with Energy Ready, our engineering and advisory service.  

From on-site assessments to full-scale strategy, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and develop specialised solutions. 

Learn more about Energy Ready 

Case study: Top Cut Foods takes an active approach to electricity costs

Learn more about the energy strategy and smart technology helping Top Cut Foods optimise operations and cut costs, and unlock additional revenue.

Top Cut Foods takes advantage of wholesale electricity pricing on Flow Power’s Power Active plan with our smart technology and engineering advisory. 

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