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Business electricity plans plus unique tools and features to elevate your contract.

Save money by using electricity smarter

Our innovative Price Efficiency Adjustment can reward you for using more energy during periods of low demand and high renewable generation. 

It’s cheaper, it’s more efficient and it’s our unique way of empowering our customers to use electricity smarter. 

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Power up your plan, with an active approach to electricity costs

Don’t let market volatility stop you from getting the best deal.

Reduce the timing risk involved in securing your business’s next electricity contract, by opting-in to the Active Option. 

Lock in a competitive base rate at the time of contracting, with the power to periodically pay less if market rates drop. 

Flow Power Electricity Engineer

Flow Power’s vision is to create the renewable energy future, together.

We empower our customers to take meaningful action.

By providing energy knowledge and innovative technology, we are delivering smarter ways to connect customers to clean energy to make our renewable future a reality.  

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Let us get you connected to smarter, greener energy.

To get your business electricity plan started or to find out more about your ideal energy solution, contact the Flow Power team or request a callback.