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Reshaping power for Australian businesses

You can pay less for energy on the wholesale market. Talk to our energy specialists to find out more.

Get the flexibility you want.

Our Power Active gives businesses like yours access to a competitive base rate with the flexibility of moving to a lower rate if the market falls by purchasing our Active Option.

Limit the average price you pay.

Get peace of mind and certainty on the maximum you’ll pay per quarter with the Ceiling on our Power Wholesale plan.

Support renewable generation by buying Solar or Wind.

Support our ever-growing portfolio of renewable generation projects and contribute to a greener future. We’re committed to your future with our Power Renewable plan.

Understand your electricity use and save money.

Our kWatch™ Intelligent Controller is installed on site, linked to your energy intensive equipment, generator and meter. You can miss peak price events, reduce network demand costs and earn extra revenue with your unused power.


Power your business by supporting renewables and save. 

Buy your power from a renewable plant through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to achieve long-term sustainability goals. For a term of up to 10 years, PPAs buy you a fixed percentage of wind or solar generation from renewable generator.

Reshaping power for Australian businesses

Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve set out to find new and better ways to bring you energy that brings costs down, and puts the power back in your hands.