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Power Plans

Your business’s energy use is unique. Your energy solution should be too. 

Plans with energy opportunities

Discover price advantages of the wholesale market and forward contracting – beyond standard “fixed price” contracts.  

Unlock your business’s smart energy opportunities with easy access to your live data and premier support to take real action.  

Choose from our 4 core big-business energy plans and we’ll help you build in the powerful features to elevate your energy use.  

Power Active 
The power to shape your own energy price.

Key features  

  • A competitive fixed base energy rate  
  • No peak and off-peak tariffs 
  • Control your costs with a “Price Efficiency Adjustment” 
  • More to a lower price if the electricity market fall by purchasing our Active Option
Power Renewable
Purchase energy linked directly to a real renewable project.

Key features  

  • Go 100% renewable for as short as 12 months 
  • Get rewarded for flexibility with a Price Efficiency Adjustment  
  • Renewable Energy Certificates direct from a specific renewable generator in a short-term power purchase agreement  
Power Wholesale 
Access prices directly from the wholesale market.

Key features  

  • Shape your energy use around low price periods 
  • Flexible 3–month rolling contract  
  • Purchase a Ceiling to your plan and get protected against sustained high market prices


Power Purchase Agreement 
Long term energy price certainty .

Key features  

  • Enjoy price reliability and long-term value  
  • Meaningful commitment to supporting renewable energy and sustainability  
  • Source up to 100% of your electricity volume linked to renewable energy generation projects

Not sure which plan is right for your business?  

Speak to our friendly team to find out which contract and features would suit your business. 

Why Flow Power?

The tech

kWatch controller patented by Flow Power, discover your live energy data with this intelligent device installed onsite. 

Customer Portal , monitor your energy use and live energy market prices. Get alerted to take action or set up asset automation. One easy location to understand how to shape your price.  

Renewable projects

We build clean energy generation projects to make Australia’s renewable future a reality. 

The team 

With unrivalled levels of customer support, we assign dedicated account managers to assist your business.

Flow Power’s teams can holistically serve your business.  

  • Engineering  
  • Solar 
  • Trading and data analytics  

Let us get your business connected to smarter, greener energy.  

Ready to make the switch?  

To get your energy contract started or to find out more about your ideal energy solution, contact the Flow Power team or request a callback.