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Turning energy into opportunity for Australian agribusinesses

Flow Power’s smart energy solutions can help you take control of your business’s energy

Approximately one in five Flow Power customers are agribusinesses

From live data to monitor your cool storage energy consumption, to price efficient irrigation, Flow Power can match your business to the right energy solution.

How we help agribusinesses get more from their energy

Demand Response

Shape how and when your site uses electricity to avoid high prices and use more electricity when prices are low. Small changes could mean large power bill savings for your farm. 

Wholesale Pricing

Just like shopping local for produce, there are benefits to sourcing energy from the wholesale market. Take control of your power costs and pay for electricity at wholesale market prices.

Power Purchase Agreement

Commit to energy offtake from an established wind and/or solar project. Link your agribusiness’s energy supply to an allocation of energy generated from that project which is added to the grid. 


Demand response helps CMV farms save

Flow Power helped CMV Farms utilise demand response to achieve 40% below market average rates at 5 out of its 6 sites. 

“If you’re willing to put in the research and get active, the benefits of using demand response outweigh the old fixed-term contracts. If you have the ability to curtail it’s an easy process that makes sense.” 

Ryan Norton – Manager, CMV Farms

Discover cost, carbon, and time efficient ways to do energy

Agribusinesses can now enjoy the convenience of all their energy services under one roof.   

  • Custom built power plans to suit your business 
  • Renewable energy certificates (LGCs) 
  • Expert engineering advice  
  • Robust reporting 

We know what it takes to power your agricultural operations

Our team are ready to support you on your energy journey.  

Speak to a Flow Power energy specialist today to see what energy solutions could work for you. 


How Flow Power connects you with your energy data

Let our smart technology show off your hard work. All your energy data in smart dashboards helps you understand your energy usage and continue to deliver sustainable outcomes.  

From looking to control decentralised pivots, to understanding when to turn your pumps off and avoiding high prices, your new tech helps you discover your live energy data and take action.

kWatch Controller

Get fully integrated control with the kWatch Controller. All Flow Power customers receive a kWatch intelligent controller to monitor their energy use. 

  • Installed onsite 
  • Give you real-time data feeds to the Customer Portal 
  • Makes responding to high price events easy and even automatic 
Customer Portal

Know exactly how much power your operation is using and how much it’s costing you – in real time, via our customer portal. 

  • Daily and historic energy consumption  
  • View and download invoices and billing information  
  • Energy ready analysis (if you’re an energy ready customer)   
  • Price efficiency of your energy consumption  
Market Monitoring Service

We’ll keep an eye on the market for you, so you know when to change your energy use. It’s simple with our Market Monitoring Service.

  • We monitor the energy market for you 24/7 
  • Be notified when electricity prices are predicted to be high
  • Reduce your bill if you can control your energy consumption during the price spikes 
Energy device automation

Our Signalling Service lets Flow Power’s energy experts control your registered energy assets, for the best price outcomes.   

  • Manage, track and control devices you nominate via the kWatch Controller 
  • Helps you save time and resources, as assets are automated 
  • No need to manually switch your assets on/off  
  • Quicker response time to high price events  

Agribusinesses saving with Flow Power

AGRANA achieves cost and carbon savings with a PPA

Learn more about the PPA that has saved AGRANA 10% on its energy costs and made strides towards sustainability targets.

Smart energy solution cuts costs for Duxton Nuts

Discover how Flow Power’s engineering advisory and smart technology could lead to over $2 million in energy savings, with solar responsive pumping and dams functioning as a battery.

Ready to make the switch?

We’ll find the right energy solution to power your agribusiness. Our friendly team will help you understand your energy options, opportunities and what products or services are best suited. 

Reach out to our Flow Power energy specialists today.