About Us

We believe every business can enjoy more value with their electricity.
If you spend more than $100,000 each year on electricity, we can help you save on your power bills by accessing the
wholesale energy market.

How does Flow Power work?

The wholesale energy market is where your traditional
retailer purchases the energy it sells on to you.

With Flow Power, you can finally access the wholesale energy market directly.

Complete control and expert help. You may not realise it, but you have the power –
we’ll help you master it.

Who are we?

Flow Power is an 100% Australian owned business, created in 2008 by an energy management specialist who saw an opportunity to help businesses manage their load and reduce their power bills. We are a licenced electricity retailer in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, SA and Tasmania.

We help business in a wide range of industries across Australia, providing tailored packages and expert help to customers in capital cities and rural regions everywhere.

Our Founder


Matthew van der Linden


Matthew van der Linden is the Director of transformative energy retailer, Flow Power, and energy management practice, Utilacor. Matthew’s vision is to transform the way Australian industry interacts with energy and to create better energy retail options.

Using knowledge and experience of the UK deregulated energy market, Matthew became heavily involved in the deregulation process in Australia through 1994. This led to Matthew starting Utilacor and the creation of the powerful and unique energy management tool, kWatch© – which continues to provide quantifiable benefits to customers today.

More recently Matthew began Flow Power, formerly known as PG Energy. The Licensed Electricity Retailer specialising in addressing the needs of large customers across the National Electricity Market, in South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania,  New South Wales and Queensland. This innovative business works with customers across industries as diverse as cold storage, quarries and agriculture to leverage the wholesale electricity market.