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About us

Creating the renewable energy future, together.

Who we are

We’re accelerating the renewable transition by empowering Australians to rethink and reshape how they use energy. Not tomorrow. Today. Because when they have the tools and insights to make informed energy choices, we can achieve our greener future sooner.   

We know that clean energy is affordable energy. It enables emissions-free transport. It powers low-cost heating and cooling. And it sparks innovation beyond imagination. This is about more than single digit efficiency gains: it’s an end-to-end energy revolution.  

Untapped renewable energy flows far and wide across Australia. So, we’re building solar and wind farms to harness it. We’re making it accessible to homes and businesses. And we’re educating our customers to demand and drive change.  

The future is renewable. It’s cheap. And we’re powering it together.  

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Why Flow Power?

From retailing electricity, to providing the latest technology and expert advice, Flow Power partners with businesses to reshape how they manage energy.   

Today’s fixed rate model means that traditional retailers block market signals. People are kept in the dark about the effects of supply and demand on the market, and there’s no incentive to change behaviour — even when we need to.   

We exist to empower our customers find a better way to use energy. Whether it be to gain a strong competitive advantage by accessing low energy rates when others cannot, buying renewable energy to make an impact and reach your sustainability goals. Our power plans are where energy solutions become the launch pad to controlling how your business is powered and your energy costs.   

We’re proud to be one of Australia’s fastest-growing energy retailers, serving some of Australia’s best-loved brands and organisations, such as Sydney Opera House, Snack Brands, Westpac, the City of Sydney, Pernod Ricard and more every day.  


We believe in a fully transparent, fee for service model, shared savings and no trailing commissions for brokers, so we can provide you with low-cost, clean energy. 


The energy market is complicated and ever changing, especially as we transition away from fossil fuels. We’re here to make it easy for you to not only understand it but use to your advantage.   

Innovative technology

Knowing how and when your business uses energy, our products give you the know-how to unlock value from your energy.  

Dedicated account management

Your dedicated Client Solutions Manager will review your progress on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting the most out of your partnership with us. Our job is to help you save money over the life of your contract.

Ongoing analysis and strategy

Signing with Flow Power is just the beginning. We make it our business to partner with you to unlock value over the life of the contract.

Community impact

We believe in using energy to create a positive impact. We’re committed to taking action and working together to create our renewable future.

Let us get your business connected to smarter, greener energy.

Ready to make the switch?

To get your energy contract started or to find out more about your ideal energy solution, contact the Flow Power team or request a callback.