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Wine Industry Energy Management Solutions

Putting Australian wine makers and grape growers in control of their energy

Quality wine requires high quantities of energy

From harvesting to bottling, winemaking is an energy intensive process, leading many wine businesses to rethink their power strategy.

The sun isn’t vital just to ripen the grapes. Winemakers can harness solar power and other renewable resources to reduce one of their biggest business expenses – their energy usage.

Vintage season coincides with summer, the peak time for renewable energy generation. This is why wineries and vineyards are a natural fit for demand management. From harvesting to bottling, our energy efficiency strategies help businesses avoid the sting of high price periods.

How can vineyards and wineries manage their energy costs?

Wholesale Pricing

Unlike standard fixed price contracts, wholesale electricity pricing allows you to take control of your energy costs and pay for electricity at wholesale market prices.

Be rewarded for using more of your total energy consumption at times of high renewable generation and lower pricing.

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Demand Response

Shape how and when your site uses electricity to avoid high prices. Small changes could mean big savings on your power bills.

Wine businesses can also shift their energy-intensive operations, such as irrigation and refrigeration, to periods with low or even negative prices.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Wine businesses can power ahead by purchasing energy linked to wind and solar projects across Australia.

With a Power Purchase Agreement, you can secure transparent long-term pricing while helping the transition to renewable energy

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Generate your own energy

Maintaining stable temperatures requires continuous refrigeration – an energy intensive process.

Our team of engineers can install solar panels onsite, providing a cost-effective solution to generate your own energy.

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How this winemaker became Green Company of the Year

Pernod Ricard Winemakers are reaching their sustainability goals, saving money and increasing their energy efficiency, by switching to renewables.

Cost, carbon, and time efficient ways to do energy

Wine makers and grape growers can now enjoy the convenience of all their energy services, under one roof.

  • Custom built power plans to suit your business
  • Renewable energy certificates (LGCs)
  • Energy strategies
  • Expert engineering advice
  • Robust analytics
  • Carbon and renewable energy reporting


Get to know your energy data with Flow Power

Our smart technology is designed to guide you towards the best energy outcomes, helping you save money and use energy at times of high renewable generation.

All your energy data is accessible via our smart dashboard, to ensure you understand your energy usage and the ways it can be shifted for more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

From scheduling irrigation, to understanding when to switch off the pumps, our energy tech helps you discover your live energy data and take action to avoid high prices.

Get fully integrated control with kWatch. All Flow Power customers receive a kWatch intelligent controller to monitor their energy use.
  • Installed onsite
  • Sends real-time data feeds to the Customer Portal
  • Responds automatically to high price energy events
Customer Portal
Learn how much power your operation uses and how much it’s costing you – in real time.
  • Daily and historic energy consumption data
  • View and download invoices and billing information
  • Energy Ready analysis (if you’re an Energy Ready customer)
  • Price efficiency of your energy consumption
Market Monitoring Service
We’ll keep an eye on the market for you, so you know when to change your energy usage.
  • 24/7 market monitoring
  • Notifications when high electricity prices are predicted.
  • Lower your bill for reducing your energy consumption during price spikes
Energy device automation
Our specialists control your registered energy assets for the best price outcomes.
  • Manage, track and control devices you nominate via kWatch
  • Save time and resources, with automated assets
  • No need to manually switch your assets on/off
  • Quicker response time to high price events
We can put the power back into your wine business

Our team are ready to support you on your energy journey.

Speak to a Flow Power energy specialist today to discuss the best energy solution for you.