Sustainable energy solutions for Australian schools - Flow Power

Sustainable energy solutions for Australian schools

From Power Active to PPAs, learn how Flow Power can help connect your school to renewable energy projects in your state

Your school can help create Australia’s renewable future

With custom built electricity contracts to suit your individual needs, Flow Power links Australian schools to our real renewable energy projects – from community solar farms to generation projects powered by wind.

Discover the price benefits, increase in carbon efficiency and hands-on learning opportunities of supporting renewable energy, and play a part in creating a more sustainable future for the next generation.

Together, we can help create Australia’s net zero carbon future, today. 

The electricity market and your school


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How can schools support Australia’s renewable energy transition while reducing their bill?

For schools, there is no one-size-fits-all energy solution. Instead of traditional fixed-rate energy contracts, there is an increasing need for flexible energy agreements that support schools’ needs and fit the role they play in their communities.

Power Active

Power Active helps schools make the most of daytime energy use. This is Flow Power’s unique electricity plan that rewards you for using cheaper, cleaner energy in daytime hours – it’s a natural fit for schools.

Go beyond standard peak and off-peak contracts and start enjoying the price and sustainability benefits of using energy smarter. 

Rooftop solar

Reduce your reliance on energy from the grid and start generating your own electricity.

Our award-winning solar engineering team can install panels on-site for your school, helping you make the most of Australia’s most abundant natural resource – the sun.


Large Scale Renewable Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Solar and wind projects create certificates that they sell or trade. One LGC can be created per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible electricity generated by a project.

Your school can purchase LGCs to match the amount of energy you use, or a percentage of your usage.

 This is a real and traceable way to invest in renewable energy, while supporting the development of more generation projects in the future.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement allows you to commit to energy offtake from an established wind or solar project.

You secure an allocation of energy generated from that project which is added to the grid on your behalf.

This long-term, tailored electricity contract helps lock-in price certainty, supports your sustainability goals, and contributes to the development of more renewable generation projects in the future.

Join Australia’s schools making the sustainable switch

Australian schools are taking real action towards creating a net zero future – and your school could be next.

Learn more about how we’re making an impact, securing PPAs for Ascham School in Sydney, and Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Melbourne.

Click here for more information about how a PPA can help support your school’s sustainability goals.

Is a Power Purchase Agreement right for your school?

If your school is looking to make the switch to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), there are some key factors to consider. 

How do you operate?

Look at how you consume power to figure out your energy needs.  

If you use the most energy during the day, a solar PPA could be a perfect fit. Alternatively, wind supplies more consistent power throughout the evening to dawn periods. Together, both sources work to keep prices down.  

Flow Power’s PPAs are powered by a mix of wind and solar, to best match a customer’s energy use.  

Is the price right?

PPAs can be a cost-effective way to buy your energy, and provide a medium to long-term hedge for energy prices, however they do differ from standard energy contracts.

Standard energy contracts are often shorter and offer limited renewable features, so it’s important to know there are cost-effective and more sustainable alternatives for your energy procurement.  


After a long-term contract?

Instead of signing variable contracts at two or three-year intervals, schools that sign PPAs agree to buy an allocation of energy via a renewable source for long-term periods. 

Not looking for a long-term contract, but ready to start using more clean, renewable energy?

Why not explore your options with Power Active instead?

Why choose Flow Power?

At Flow Power, we empower customers to take meaningful action when it comes to energy. By providing electricity knowledge and innovative technology, we’re delivering smarter ways to connect customers to clean energy, to make our renewable future a reality.  

Flow Power is proud to own, operate and be affiliated with 100% renewable energy projects. We believe in the power of involving consumers in the electricity transition, connecting them to real renewable energy projects and putting them back in control of their power. 

We’re here to help.

Want to know more?

Speak to our friendly team to find out how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.