AEMO, the government body that manages the reliability and security of future power supply, is setting up a resource of energy users who are willing to participate in return for payment. This panel is known as the RERT (the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader).

The initiative relies on demand response and is a great fit for businesses that can make changes to their operations. You actually get paid to stop or reduce your demand for electricity.

What is reserve procurement?

Members of the RERT provide reserve procurement, which is where reserve power is secured for the benefit of the grid and its users.

How is reserve power obtained?

Reserve power can be obtained when businesses either reduce the power they use or swap to alternative sources,  such as batteries or an onsite generator, when needed.

What is the RERT?

Dedicated to ensuring Australia has reserve power when needed, the RERT is comprised of panel members who can respond to changes in the market. This could include a range of businesses, all with different capacity to reduce power at different times.

How does the RERT program help with reliability?

At peak times, AEMO calls on panel members to reduce demand on the system. They aim to prevent blackouts and reduce the cost of power to end-users.

What does AEMO want in a panel member?

This panel is keen to engage with businesses that can provide reserve energy on short and medium notice by powering down or off in return for financial reward.


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