Our impact - Flow Power

Our impact

We believe in the power of energy to make positive change, for people and the planet

Social impact

Creating Australia’s renewable energy future starts at home, in our communities, from creating regional employment opportunities to facilitating community energy projects.

We’re dedicated to driving positive change, creating value within and beyond the communities we operate and serve.  

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How we’re taking action

Community energy projects

In 2021, Shoalhaven Community Solar Farm was built and funded by Flow Power and Repower Shoalhaven.  

The 3 MW solar farm generates and provides clean energy to the grid, which powers end users including the local community and City of Sydney. The project has served as a roadmap for other communities to launch their own renewable projects.   

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Giving back with Pollinate partnership

Pollinate Group is a global social enterprise that empowers women micro-entrepreneurs in India and Nepal. 

Flow Power is helping Pollinate train and support women from marginalised communities to distribute solar lights, water filters and clean cooking stoves, resulting in cleaner, safer communities. 

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Ensuring supply chain visibility

We cannot create the renewable future at the cost of vulnerable members of our society.

Flow Power takes appropriate steps aimed at ensuring that suppliers engaged meet strict supply chain and human rights standards – renewable energy must be sustainable for us all to make meaningful change.

View our Humans Rights Policy and Modern Slavery Statement


Minimising our environmental impact is at the forefront of our mission, as we create the renewable future, together. 

As an energy retailer, we have the ability – and responsibility – to lead by example. Our commitment to transparency and ethical conduct underpins everything we do. 

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Our commitment to sustainability

Renewable projects

We don’t just sell renewable energy plans – we generate it. Over 930 GWh annually. Our energy generation portfolio has and always will be 100% renewable, with a mix of solar, wind and storage based here in Australia. 

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Accelerating the transition

Australia’s energy market is perched on the edge of the biggest transformation since the NEM began. Our team is proudly at the forefront of innovation, sparking change and disrupting the status quo.  

Carbon neutral strategy

Forging a new way, in Flow Power style, we’ve developed our own carbon strategy to offset our scope 1, 2 and 3 corporate emissions. We’re utilising renewable energy as a pillar for our carbon strategy, instead of the usual route of purchasing carbon credits. 

Read our carbon neutral strategy

Climate action statement

Climate change is a real and present threat to our society, and we recognise the urgent need to transform our energy system. We’re continuously developing better ways to deliver clean, reliable energy at a fair cost to all users and improve the energy market for good.  

Read our Climate Action Statement

Our commitment to communities

Community and Country are central pillars of a successful energy transition, as distributed renewable energy projects must find their place in suitable new areas, distinct from the centralised,
industrial-scale power stations of the past.

We are committing to working with our communities and key stakeholders. Flow Power’s processes and policies are in place to support and engage communities through the development lifecycle.

Flow Power customers making an impact

Our environmental impact extends further than the practices of our own business. We’re helping Australian businesses minimise their impact and contribute to a more sustainable, resilient energy system for us all. View our case studies below to learn more.

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