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Aug 30th 2017
Updated Mar 25th 2024
Wholesale electricity pricing explained
Learn more about Australia’s wholesale energy market – the NEM – and how you can access wholesale electricity pricing with Flow Power.
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Jan 6th 2023
Updated Jun 7th 2023
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Dec 23rd 2021
Updated Oct 31st 2023
Your Price Efficiency Adjustment explained
How you could reduce your monthly power bill
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Apr 23rd 2019
Updated Jun 6th 2023
The Active Option explained
Taking the guesswork out of knowing how and when to buy energy.
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Feb 19th 2019
Updated Jun 19th 2024
Your Price Efficiency Factor explained
Put the power back in your hands by managing your PEF
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Sep 3rd 2018
Updated Jan 5th 2023
Account Management
One of our dedicated Account Managers can review your progress Quarterly, Bi-annually or Annually. You’ll always have access to the kWatch® portal.
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Sep 3rd 2018
Updated Dec 23rd 2022
kWatch explained
Flow Power’s kWatch provides large electricity users the ability to measure and control electricity usage, in a small hardware device installed on your site.
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