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Smart energy technology for Australian businesses

Flow Power is committed to empowering Australian electricity consumers with the tools and technology needed to reshape their electricity behaviour.

Technology is critical for supporting the renewable energy transition. Providing customers with simple and accessible energy usage insights, control, and automation empowers them to act and engage with their energy consumption. 

That’s why we developed kWatch and provide a free device to all customers.  

kWatch puts the power back in your hands

You can’t control what you don’t measure. Flow Power’s kWatch provides large electricity users the ability to measure and control electricity usage, in a small hardware device installed on your site.  

Once installed, kWatch manages and stores useful energy data and when linked with the Flow Power Customer Portal, users can easily interact with and shape the way they use electricity. 


Why we built kWatch

kWatch is a solution to the challenge of providing data and information from machine to machine without customers needing complex systems. It enables businesses to utilise and benefit from their electricity data insights and control. 

Designed and built in Australia, refined through project applications for more than two decades. kWatch enables faster decision-making, demand response and can remotely power down non-critical operations at the click of a button. 

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One of our goals is to change the way people look at energy, rather than it just be a contract they sign every two or three years. We want to turn it into something that becomes part of their day-to-day business and something they get involved with.

– Matthew van der Linden, Chief Executive Officer, Flow Power

What is kWatch?

Put simply, kWatch is a small computer-like device that can be installed and integrated into your site. It can communicate to different machines, computers, or pieces of hardware, to receive information from or to provide instructions to that device.  

It provides information on how much electricity a specific piece of equipment is using and at what cost, and even instructions on how-to automate a process so that the equipment can respond to market signals and high-priced events. 


Want to know more?

We’ve created a helpful resource for you to learn more about how kWatch works, connects to your operations and pulls in your live energy data.

Questions about kWatch?

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