Climate Action Statement - Flow Power

Our commitment to Climate Action

Flow Power’s Climate Action Statement

Creating the renewable energy future, together

We believe as an energy retailer, we have the ability, and responsibility, for improving the energy market for the greater good. This means striving to deliver a market that provides clean, renewable energy that is reliable, and at a fair cost for all energy users.

Currently, our market does not operate this way, but we know it could, and it is core to our mission to make that happen.

The transition of the Australian energy system is in our DNA.

For decades Flow Power has been committed to delivering ways to improve the function of the energy market by balancing supply with demand and assisting customers in achieving meaningful renewable energy goals. For years we have been delivering products and innovations designed to support and drive the sustainable transition of our energy system.

Today we continue our ambition to lead the way in product and technological innovation and empowering energy users big and small, and we are focussed on scaling our impact.

1. We support climate action

Our mission is to create a clean energy future, with our customers, partners and people. This ethos informs everything we have done and do today in our business.

For over 20 years, Flow Power have delivered solutions to support the decarbonisation, adaptation and resilience of the Australian energy system. From rapidly building renewable generation to serve our customers, to consumer education to build energy resilience and truly decarbonise customer’s electricity use, Flow Power is committed to the pathway to 100% renewables in our response to climate change.

Key to our climate action is close collaboration with our renewable energy project partners, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We achieve this in partnership by building clean energy projects, developing energy resilience, increasing energy literacy and enhancing system flexibility to navigate the changing market.

Climate action is everyone’s business, especially when you’re an energy retailer.

2. We support the Paris Agreement

Flow Power are committed to managing our business in alignment with the Paris Agreement. We continue to act with urgency today so we can transition to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050, or sooner.

We are committed to supporting activities and initiatives in our business, and in the wider energy sector that align with the Paris Agreement goals. We believe we can have the biggest impact by supporting the industry and our customers through a rapid transition of our energy market to 100% renewable energy.

Flow Power is an energy retailer where our daily actions are informed by bringing forward the renewable energy transition, hand in hand with our customers, communities and our people. Every day we empower our customers to take meaningful action, by providing energy knowledge and innovative technology, we are delivering and scaling smarter ways to connect customers to clean energy that will make the renewable future a reality. In this way, we believe we can drive the decarbonisation of our energy system in line with limit warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2050.


3. Our business carbon strategy

We have been using GreenPower in our office-based energy since 2017 and begun mapping our business carbon usage soon after.

We worked with carbon accounting experts Pathzero to set our emissions boundary, which accounts for:

  • staff working from the office, as well as working from home
  • staff commuting – including flights, taxis, rideshare trips
  • office equipment – computers, projectors, printers and more, and
  • the carbon footprint of consultants we engage.

Our scope 1,2 and 3 emissions for 2021-22 were 954.91 tCO2

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