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True Zero: achieving a carbon free future

Follow Flow Power’s exploratory roadmap towards true zero emissions

All zero targets are not created equal

It’s the elusive target the energy industry is aiming for – zero carbon emissions. 
For some, net zero is the destination. For Flow Power, net zero is just the start.

From net zero, to true zero

For most, net zero is a familiar concept. It involves creating an overall annual balance between emissions produced and emissions removed from the atmosphere. Achieving net zero with carbon credits, or offsetting energy use with renewable certificates, has helped drive the renewable transition so far, but true zero is the next evolution.

Aiming for true zero requires a more absolute approach to reducing and eliminating emissions across all three scopes, with zero-emission energy playing a critical role – and as an energy retailer, decarbonising our power is where we plan to start.

True zero electricity is a newly emerging concept focused on the use of renewable energy, in real-time, all the time. By using electricity at the time when renewables are generating, Flow Power believes the buyer can receive true zero carbon electricity

So, why does this matter?

Leading the energy industry beyond net zero

The fossil-fueled energy industry is Australia’s biggest polluter, which means it’s up to us to lead the way and push for progress.

With the real and present threat of climate change, we know that as an energy retailer, simply being carbon neutral isn’t enough anymore. The energy industry could achieve net zero with carbon credits, but it wouldn’t remove coal and gas from our electricity grid. To solve for the climate, the goal posts must keep moving.

Flow Power’s mission is to create the renewable energy future, together. This means providing all Australians with clean, affordable energy, and replacing coal and gas for good.

We have the potential to transform the energy market – but how do we make it happen?

How Flow Power is aiming for true zero

The team

Some of Flow Power’s brightest minds and best problem solvers, from every corner of the business, have joined forces to tackle the challenge of true zero, with the aim of decarbonising our Melbourne office. And that’s just the beginning. 

The plan

Throughout 2024, the team will be unpacking what true zero means to Flow Power; undertaking experiments, defining the scope of emissions, sharing their findings, wins and failures, and creating innovative energy solutions in real-time.

The solution

We believe the learnings from this exploratory project will serve as a springboard to drive real industry change and continue to accelerate Australia’s renewable transition. Explore the latest true zero updates below.

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