Locking down prices

“ANCA has succeeded on a global scale by taking an innovative approach to manufacturing. We see Flow Power’s unique model of giving businesses back control over their energy costs as an approach that shares our core value of innovation” said ANCA CEO Grant Anderson.
Planning for its future.

Market-leading manufacturer ANCA Machines, knew the power market was changing and that it would need to make a radical change to stay ahead of the curb. Founded in 1974, ANCA has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high quality CNC tool grinding machines, motion control systems and sheet metal solutions.

From large-scale manufacturing to entry level production, its operations are energy intensive and required a long-term solution that would:

  • Get its power costs under control
  • Cut overall emissions
  • Connect to the real power price


Flow Power analysed ANCA’s power usage to deliver a tailored energy strategy that would meet its needs.

Powering ANCA with a wind PPA.

ANCA is one of the first Australian businesses and one of the first customers of Flow Power to sign a Renewable Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs).

ANCA’s power usage was assessed prior to signing and it was found that a wind PPA matched their profile.

Now, ANCA can receive wind power directly from Ararat Wind Farm at a low-fixed rate for the next decade, right up to its 54th birthday.

Powerful results.
  • Price certainty for ten years
  • Saving thousands in electricity costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint and overall emissions