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Power Active: Customer Stories

The energy market is never static. So you shouldn’t be stuck with fixed rates – especially when prices drop. That’s why our Power Active plan gives you a flexible, easy way to take control of your business’s energy costs.

We’ve helped Power Active customers from various industries save more than $1.2m off their original contracted rate – an average of $5,600 per contract year! Here are some of their stories.


The Grange Golf Club

From their championship course to their award-winning hospitality, the Grange Golf Club in South Australia is one of Australia’s premier sporting venues.

Looking for a smarter way to save on energy costs, they signed up for our Power Active plan in 2021 and purchased the Active Option. And they haven’t looked back.

Barry Linke, the club’s General Manager, particularly loves the versatility of our Active Option: “There’s flexibility to move to lower prices when the market decreases – a feature I haven’t seen in past electricity contracts.”

That’s why the Grange Golf Club is set to save up to 10% on its energy rates going forward.

Knowing how much they can save, the Grange Golf Club is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Flow Power.

“Since learning about our savings, we’ve decided to extend with Flow Power beyond the original term,” says Barry.

Gazzola Farms

Gazzola Farms, a family business in Somerville, Victoria, has been supplying quality fresh produce to Australians for 90 years and four generations.

Growing in-demand vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, celery and Asian greens year-round requires a lot of resources. So the choice of energy supply is crucial.

That’s why Gazzola Farms recently transitioned to our Power Active plan and purchased the Active Option, which can let them lock in a lower rate if the market drops.

But if the market goes up? They’re still protected.

Best of all, when they’re busy with their farms, the family doesn’t have to worry about watching the energy market. That’s because we notify them if there’s an opportunity to save.

And this flexibility has saved them 12% on their energy rate.

“The Active Option gave me peace of mind because Flow Power was monitoring the fluctuations in the energy market,” says Paul Gazzola, the Director of Gazzola Farms.

Good Food Partners

Good Food Partners is the name behind some of Australia’s best-known healthy snacks and breakfast foods – including Sam’s Pantry.

In 2020, they signed on to Power Active with our Price Efficiency Adjustment (PEA) feature. That means their bill is adjusted according to how and when they use energy relative to the market.

Saving money in line with their actual usage has made a huge difference for Good Food Partners.

“As a food production business, we have shifts at all hours. This means our electricity consumption is fairly constant throughout the day and night,” explains Jay Mamtora, Head of Sourcing.
“After speaking with Flow Power, we realised that we weren’t being rewarded for how we used power under a standard peak and off-peak pricing model.”

With both the Active Option and PEA, Good Food Partners has found a flexible, easy way to maximise their savings, 24/7 – now and in the future.

Is Power Active a good choice for your business?

No matter what your industry, we want to help you use energy more efficiently to drive significantly improved cost outcomes for your business energy.

Get in touch to find out how Power Active – and its Active Option and PEA features – can benefit your business.

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