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Rochford Wines: bottling solar-powered Chardonnay

Learn how this cellar-door turned solar, making savings worth raising a glass to

Case study overview

Located in the heart of the Yarra Valley, Rochford Wines has three vineyards, multiple restaurants, bars, and cellars onsite – an energy intensive operation.

Rochford Wines approached the Flow Power Solar team to help achieve its goal to power its site with clean, renewable energy. They needed a solar PV system that could adapt unobtrusively to different buildings across their expansive grounds.

Yarra Valley, VIC
Service provided
Rooftop solar
Clean, renewable energy generation

Viticultural practices for maintaining balance in the vineyards, sustainability, and responsiveness to changing environmental conditions is at the heart of Rochford Wine’s winemaking philosophy.

What we delivered

Flow Power visited the winery on multiple occasions to assess what type of system would work.

The winery had multiple buildings with varied types of roofing, at different pitches and angles. We proposed a design that combined flat-to-roof solar panels with tilted modules, to ensure redundancy and maximum efficiency.

Rochford Wines | Yarra Valley

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Solar system

Our solar experts designed and installed a 99 kW solar PV system for Rochford Wines.

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The installation

The Flow Power’s on-site solar team handled the EPC, installing carefully chosen Schletter framing, Hanwha QCell modules and Fronius inverters throughout.

Making savings

Once operational, Rochford Wines reduced its electricity costs by around $22,000 per year.

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