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Karadoc Solar Farm

Victoria’s Karadoc Solar Farm is leading the way towards our greener future

Project details

Located 35 km south of Mildura in Victoria, the Karadoc Solar Farm is one of Australia’s largest sources of solar electricity. This major project makes a significant contribution towards Victoria meeting its 40% renewable energy target by 2025.

The facility generates 74 GWh annually across its 340,000 solar panels. That’s the same as powering 65,000 homes with clean, renewable energy each year.

Location: Mildura, Victoria
227,900 MWh capacity
52,000 tons of carbon saved each year
65,000 homes powered (equivalent)

Project Overview

The Karadoc Solar Farm was delivered by German renewables developer BayWa r.e. and Melbourne-based construction partner Beon Energy Solutions.

“Victoria is becoming a renewable powerhouse and Beon is proud to be part of this transformation” Glen Thomson, General Manager Beon Energy Solutions.

Construction began in March 2018, with the project delivered on time and on budget. In November 2018, Flow Power signed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement with the farm to receive 20MW of power and by March 2019 it was officially opened.

To maximise its generation potential, the 664-acre facility uses advanced tracking technology to rotate each solar panel as the sun moves across the sky.

Supporting local careers with a bright future ahead

The project sparked a job boom in the region, employing over 300 locals in its construction. And BayWa r.e. partnered with the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE to involve 25 apprentices as part of the Solar Industry Career Pathway program.

Because of the facility’s community-centered construction, many locals are now well-placed for ongoing employment in the renewables industry.

The Karadoc Solar Farm provided employment opportunities for
  • 90 long-term unemployed people
  • 12 people on community-based orders
  • 14 people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • 38 Aboriginal people
  • 4 people with a disability
Flow Power customers benefiting from the Karadoc Solar Farm

Receiving 74,000 MWh each year


Through a 12-year Power Purchase Agreement, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has entered arrangements in relation to 74,000 MWh per year of this power.

“This is a major step towards us achieving the ambitious target we set ourselves to have 100% of our purchased electricity sourced from renewables by 2025, a goal we are confident of achieving well before then.” Kirsten Sturzaker, Sustainability Manager, CUB.

“This partnership powers our company in a sustainable way while reducing our power costs and securing our supply for the long-term.” said Ms. Sturzaker.

Accessing Karadoc’s clean affordable energy with a Power Purchase Agreement

Flow Power has proudly secured an offtake agreement with the Karadoc Solar Farm, enabling Australian businesses – large and small – to benefit.

When you purchase energy with arrangements through the Karadoc Solar Farm, you’re not just securing a fair price for your electricity, you’re supporting – and accelerating – Australia’s renewable energy transition too.

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