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Market Monitoring Service

We’ll keep an eye on the market for you, so you know when to change your energy use.

Stay across the wholesale electricity market with Flow Power’s Market Monitoring Service (MMS).

We’ve got our team keeping an eye on the market and alerting our customers when price rises are coming. 

How will we know what’s happening live on your site? All customers receive a kWatch intelligent controller to monitor your energy use. This innovative energy tool is designed to make responding to alerts easy so when you’re busy running your business, you can rely on our technology for your energy management.

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Key MMS benefits

  • We have dedicated energy specialists monitoring the energy market for you 24/7. You will be notified when electricity prices are predicted to be high, so you can respond to them, by either changing your energy usage during the price spike or switching your operations to an energy asset.  
  • This handy service is available with all power plans. Adding MMS to your plan could help you reduce your energy bill, if you can control your energy consumption during the price spikes. 

How you’ll be alerted to high price events

SMS, email notifications and customer portal notifications let you know when to change your energy use or switch to an energy asset (generators, batteries, pumps, etc.) 

The Flow Power team provide recommendations to manually adjust your load and avoid the peak prices, and our specialists are always on hand to provide further advice, as you need. 

Example notifications:

High Electricity Prices Notification: A high-price event is coming. This message is sent in the lead up to an event, so you’ll have plenty of time to get ready.  

High Electricity Prices Extended: The event has been extended. Keep running at your reduced load until you receive the High Electricity Prices Ended message.  

High Electricity Prices Ended: Everything’s back to normal and you can switch back to regular energy use. 

And more to suit your needs and the event type.  

Market Monitoring Service Hub

Level up your market monitoring within your customer portal’s MMS Hub. A key feature of the Flow Power Customer Portal, the MMS Hub gives you transparency and insights into the energy market and allows you to monitor your demand response performance in real-time.  


Why use the MMS Hub?

  • Respond to upcoming market notifications through the Customer Portal inbox  
  • Track progress of upcoming and active energy events 
  • Multiple NMI/sites? No worries. The MMS Hub allows you to see all individual sites and their performance
  • Review the last 10 energy events  
  • Update your site key contacts so you have the best team ready to respond  

What is an “energy event”?

The energy market is quite volatile with prices on the wholesale spot market varying constantly throughout the day. An energy event is when the electricity price exceeds a certain bracket for an extended period.  

Several factors such as extreme temperatures, unexpected generator outages or contingency events on the grid typically combine to drive periods of very high pricing. This is what Flow Power calls an “energy event”. 

How can I access the Market Monitoring Service Hub?

MMS is a purchasable add on feature to Flow Power energy plans. 

Once added, you can access the MMS Hub via the Flow Power Customer Portal. All customers have access to their live data via the intelligent portal. The Flow Power Customer Portal is paired with the kWatch Controller that is installed at your site to provide you with your real-time energy usage (if available), alerts and automation. 

Our friendly energy specialists are here to help.

Want to enjoy the benefits of Market Monitoring Services?

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