Short of a shutdown, most quarries believe there is little they can do about it. Some generate their own power. But throwing tyres into a furnace can get tiring, really quick.

However, what if there was an alternative? And it could reduce your power bill?

Forward-thinking Australian quarries are now purchasing electricity differently. It’s the answer to fewer restrictions on what machinery and equipment they can use –and how many times a day they can use it.

Wholesale electricity is a significant improvement and strategic boon to a quarry’s operations, compared to purchasing power from traditional energy retailers.


Why? you ask…

Because most retailers will charge you a fixed rate at peak and off-peak times. It leaves quarry owners financially disadvantaged – particularly since wholesale prices remain low throughout most of the year.

Expanding your business

By harnessing the power of the wholesale market, these forward-thinking quarries are using their cost saving to improve operations in resourceful ways. Some are running several crushers at once. Some are minimising pollutants. And some are upgrading their equipment to cope with greater use.

Overall, they’re modifying the way they use power, cutting running costs and introducing other innovative ways to improve operations, such as solar or wind generation to their sites.

No more restrictions

With Flow Power, several of our quarry clients have now modified production significantly. They’re stockpiling a little extra ahead of time and adjusting their hours of operation. The changes are remarkable.



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