Our Account Managers provide you with:

Results summary

We supply you with a detailed report giving you an overview of how your Power Plan is tracking. This is a good sense check as to whether your savings goals are being met and factors which may be playing a role in your wholesale power price.

Hedging strategy

This is confirmation of the hedges you are using and their effectiveness in being able to achieve the desired results.

Options to physically manage price

If you are exercising the options of powering down, using generators or monitoring load, we’ll check-in to see how that is working within the broader business context. If this isn’t something you do, we can take another look at it to see if there are options we haven’t explored.

Future outlook

We’ll give you an idea of what’s coming up over the next period, indicating common trends based on historical power data. This is especially important in the lead up to Summer.

Sound advice on purchasing PPAs

Buying your power from a renewable plant through a Corporate Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) provides access to fixed rates for long-term savings. While this isn’t going to suit every business, we will review whether it would be suitable and help you understand what is involved.

Need more information?

If you want to understand more about the level of service, we provide our customers have a chat with one of our experts.