Leading into summer power prices are predicted to rise. We’ve cracked the answer though. Our load management technology helps you power down when the price is high, and manage your usage on site and remotely.
Demand Response
You benefit with savings by powering down when demand in the grid is high. With our controller, you know when demand is peaking. Usage is managed for you so you can carry on running a business.
Get on with the job
Power is a significant cost centre for a lot of us – a big spike during production or harvest time can set us back tens of thousands (or more). When you manage your load with us, you can forget about bill shock and get on with the job you have to do. Your power becomes our business. And we know it inside out. The kWatchTM Intelligent Controller gives you transparency and control over your electricity use through live data feeds, alerts and automation.
One system to rule them all
If you have a complex operation or multiple sites, it can be hard to monitor use consistently. The kWatchTM Intelligent Controller helps you watch over all usage remotely and plan your operations with the market in mind.
Get a live view into your energy usage.
A live data feed allows you to watch and manage your usage. A view into the live wholesale price also keeps you across changes in the price. The controller not only monitors electricity usage but can watch temperature, wind speed and air pressure.
The right information at the right time.
You don’t need to sit by your controller day and night waiting for change. We’ll text or email you an alert if there’s a price event you need to know about.
Easy control over your power.
You can run your business while the controller manages your power. It will power down equipment when needed, transfer to a generator if you need to stay online and coordinate a response to price changes across multiple devices and sites.
Getting set up for summer is as easy as the system itself.
  • Have a kWatchTM assessment with a power expert over the phone to confirm it suits your business.
  • Review and sign a RERT agreement with Flow Power and confirm your sites.
  • Our expert installers visit your site to install and configure the system.
  • On December 1 you’re live – it’s as easy as that.